One day, Steve Griswold was on lunch break. He was sitting with his friend, country music singer, Gunnar Newton at Applebee's when Steve noticed two young men that were sitting at a table not too far from them. Gunnar was also watching.

"Do you notice that one of those two look like Elvis Presley?" Steve asked Gunnar.

"That is easy to notice. Kids today usually don't look like Elvis or Mick Jagger or any of the other musicians," Gunnar pointed out.

Steve agreed.

Gunnar saw the two young men looked to be in their twenties and thirties but couldn't tell the exact ages.

"I see kids like them all the time at my shows," Gunnar told Steve.

"I bet you do. Do you think we should go over and introduce ourselves?" Steve asked.

"Good idea. I would like to finish my meal first," Gunnar told Steve.

"That makes sense," Steve said.

The two finished eating their lunch when Paul Francis, their friend, Jay McCarey's manager walked in. Steve waved Paul over. Paul noticed both Steve and Gunnar, walked over to their booth, and took a seat next to Steve.

"What brings you here, Paul?" Steve asked, picking up his glass of water.

"I'm on lunch hour and Jay's rehearsing for his next performance, so I thought why not head out to lunch?" Paul said.

"Good idea. See that table over there?" Steve asked Paul, pointing to the table that was only two or three tables away.

"What about it?" Paul asked, looking in Steve's direction.

"See that kid who looks like Elvis?" Steve asked Paul.

"Yes, I do. What about him?"

"Do you think the kid and Elvis are related if they have the same look?" Steve queried.

"Don't ask me. Jay is the expert. Ask him," Paul told Steve.

"Maybe I'll do just that. Would Jay mind if I interrupt rehearsal for a few minutes?" Steve asked.

"I would rather surprise him if I were you, Steve," Paul said.

"Sounds like a good idea. I need to get back to my own rehearsing," Gunnar Newton said, finishing the last of his drink.

"I was thinking, Gunnar. Why don't you and Jay do one show tonight for one night? I know you both have different tastes in music, but what do you say?" Paul asked.

"Call my manager and talk to him about it. I like the idea myself. See you later, Steve. Let me know who those guys are," Gunnar said, putting his dark red jacket on and was gone.

"I'm going to introduce myself, Paul," Steve said as he got up from the table.

Paul watched as Steve walked over to the table.

Steve cleared his throat.

Alan, the oldest, looked up to see who was at their table.

"Hi," Steve said.

Scott, the youngest looked at Steve also.

"Who are you?" Scott asked.

"I couldn't help myself, but I sit by the window booth over there. I am Steve Griswold. I could not help noticing one of you look like one of the legend rock stars," Steve said.

Alan and Scott both looked at each other. Both people as Steve had told brothers this many times so yes, they were used to hearing this.

"Yes, sir, this is true. My brother and I hear this all the time that I look exactly like Elvis Presley," Alan Presley told Steve.

"Does that mean you are related to Elvis?" Steve asked.

Steve looked at Paul from the booth. All Paul could do was shrug his shoulders.

"How did you figure that one out? Yes, I am related to Elvis," Alan said.

That is when both Alan and Scott finally recognized Steve.

"You look familiar," Scott said.

"Why do I look familiar to you?" Steve asked.

"Sorry about my brother, sir. I forgot to introduce him. This is my brother, Scott Presley," Alan said, introducing his younger brother.

"It's nice meeting you both," Steve said to Alan and Scott.

"You do look familiar to me," Scott repeated after the three finished shaking hands.

"Why do I look familiar to you?" Steve asked Scott.

"It's because I think I've seen you before," Scott said, scratching his chin.

"What my brother means is that we watch your shows on National Geographic, so that's why we recognize you," Alan told Steve.

"It's an interesting job, all right," Steve said.

Just then, a waiter came by to deliver Alan and Scott's meals.

"I have to be going now. My lunch hour is almost over, so I hope to run into you both again soon," Steve told them.

"Okay. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Griswold," Scott said as the three shook hands a second time around.

"Hey, Paul, would you tell Jay I'd like to see him once he's finished with rehearsal? I want to tell him about the Elvis look – alike," Steve told Paul.

"He should be available tonight when he gets home so you can talk to him then," Paul said once the two were in the parking lot.

"Thanks, Paul. I'll do that," Steve said and drove off to National Geographic.