Written on March ninth, 2013 AD.

In the refrain "You are (not) alone", the use of parenthesis is to emphasize that most people wouldn't add the "not" when they say that phrase, since they do think that they are alone in their own thoughts. Most people don't believe in telepathy, spirits, or a God that they will one day be accountable to, so the general consensus it that what they think remains unknown.

This is the basis of the poem.

Most of the stanzas are fairly straightforward:

In your dreams, in your head, on the floor, in your bed

You are (not) alone


In the sound of the thought in your mind

Have you thought that you are (not) alone


What you say, where you go

Do you know that they know [that] you are (not) alone?


There's the "they". Not that it doesn't say just who, yet.

The change in stanza type parallels the change in perspective; from present and descriptive to narrative.

I was "all alone" thought me

Happy in my own little world, you see?

Then Lucy came

And dreams began

Now I know God's in the world of me


Just a note - "Lucy", in this context, is a reference to the Noveaux song "All that Glitters":
I took a chance on the end of a rainbow for a promise of a better life,
Met a girl name Lucy on a cloud of snow - silverlined
The sun went away and the night grew cold; Lucy wore the devil's clothes
I wish I would have heard what my mamma told: "all that glitters isn't gold."

So, you see... it's not a pleasant reference.

I was like most people: blithe. I assumed that anything I fancied would stay where it came from, and then…

Afreets and

Saints and

Angels and


You are (not) alone

Each one of the listed entities are ones that I've head or heard of seeing into a person's thoughts:

An "Afreet" is a powerful demon, just like the Lucy that visited me in real life.

The past saints (deceased loved ones)

Angels (I know one)

And of course… you. Not just because I'm open and honest; for all I know, you're telepathic just like my friend M_ is. :)

Locked in your mind in a shack on the edge of a lake in rural Canada...

You are (not) alone

The degree of distance from others increase, but still… You are not alone, even if you want to be.

Sorry to be creepy like that. It's just how it is.