Hello, this is my first poem ever!

A shout out to fantacybookworm2012 (she is an awesome author) who read this first! Thanks for everything!

I hope you like it!

Sonnet – Reading

Many types of books to read on everything

Mystery, Action, Romance, Tragedy

Are a few genres, always fun never boring

That end in laughter or end in agony

Books can transfer you to a different world

Where heroes rescue the fearful damsel,

Knights fight with swords near trees with branches curled,

Fairy tale lands like Gretel and Hansel.

Reading has to end, for school can't be skipped

But a child would learn more from a good book

Than sitting in school and getting whipped

With homework that would take their new Nook

Instead of watching TV, you should read a book.

And you will learn more in the time watching took.

Thanks for reading!

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