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Angelic Midway Demon – The start

In a world very like ours, there are three different earths; the Human, the Daemon one and the Angelic earth. But that day the creatures of these three worlds were suffering a hidden present which soon will become a hidden past. Somewhere down the pouring rain falling from the Daemon world's roof, down the lightning sparkles of a storm, everyone in the Enema palace of their Lord were tormented with the up-come of a painful sin of life. In the middle of all the silent noise, there was a single scream, a cry which overwhelmed all the servants of the palace looking, waiting at the front gate. A tall old man with white hair, who was that palace's head master, went personally to the gate for the waiting till a small shadow was seen in the ground with the appearance of a baby.

Majordomo, that was the old man's name, went hurriedly to get the small child in his hold, but doing so he noticed something more. Dark raven feathers were over a wound, where the small baby's heart was supposed to be, bleeding and making the child cry from hurt. But that wasn't the only place filled with those feathers. They were in line breaking into ash one by one and signing their master, a black creäture with ruined wings of crimson black which vanished under the darkened moon.

The maids and servants were left breathless from the shock that scene gave them, but seeing the head master turn to the gate not taking of his gaze from the child made them hurry. Slowly, really slowly the old white man announced: "This baby will be the next Daemon Lord King!"

*199 years later – Enema Palace"

"Lord, little Lord! Where are you? Please Lord! Answer!" At Enema palace that day was made a big commotion. Everybody, maids, servants and guards were running, shouting and searching everywhere. Because the little Lord had went missing.

"What do you mean 'went missin'g?" The harsh tone of voice Majordomo had echoed everywhere around the big front salon. He seemed really angry, which make the maids flinch. "Did you found the young master?" Asked he some guards who were coming that way almost running.

"Yes. Apparently a servant saw him heading towards the dark forest, sir." Reported the guard quickly.

"Not again!" Signed Majordomo with himself listening to them. "We should take him back. You two come with me. As for the others, Calm Down!"

As the man ordered, they walked fast to go get their young master who was enjoying himself outside and didn't want anyone to disturb him.


Free from all the boring duties of a Daemon Lord, the boy with crimson hair which extended till his neck and emerald-green eyes was jumping fast from a tree's leafless branch to another, through the thorns of wild roses which couldn't penetrate his silky skin. Without looking back, with his confidence up and a stupid smirk, he didn't even notice where he went. Only stupid thoughts were with him.

"By now they should have realized where I am. Those old hags never let me have fun outside of the palace." While complaining in his head, the little Lord stopped onto a high large stone after hearing noises coming from beneath the roses' bed. Bending forward to listen clearly, the noise stopped.

"What was that?" Curios to find out more about where that sound came from, he approached the place. In the middle of that thorny bed, a pair of shinning stones were glittering. In a few seconds a giant snake raised from there, showing his fangs and ready to bite the kid releasing his poison.


A shadow flew from the ground above the giant snake slicing it with a big sword. It divided that monster into half as its green blood spattered around, even on the boy's cheek. That dark shadow landed on the same rock as the small Daemon, only a few inches away.

"Kid…" Was spoken by that person who was wearing a black cape till its ankles. His voice was like an echo, deep with a shred of softness in it, which more than the others surprised the boy.

The fellow with the cape turned to the red-haired boy slowly, making him freeze. That person's eyes were the only showy thing underneath the cape. Double color eyes, aquamarine on the outside surrounding a shady fading red. The Lord was captivated by those eyes, staring intensely not noticing the grim he put on his face.

"Thanks for just now! May I know the name of my savior?" He asked but there was no answer for, not even a single face expression shown.

"You have company…" The same deep voice was heard as pointing on the red's back where three speeding objects were approaching them.

"Anyway, I'm Lancia. You?" As a Lord, he was being persistent as he was rude before not presenting himself first than asking. But even after saying such, he could notice that the mysterious man's attention was still on the flying object.

"This essence is obviously of Majordomo. He has always a freaking timing!" While frowning and having his attention there, the unknown person approached him with light steps.

"Stupid brat!" A fine punch came above the red-haired head surprising the boy a lot. "This isn't a place for kids to play!"

Patting his head, Lancia seemed satisfied as he had come to hear the person's voice clearly and most probably it was a female one. "You were pretty cool a moment ago but there was no need to punch me." He smirked lightly. "I owe you one even thought I don't think you are that friendly of a fellow."

She gazed at him with the same double color eyes from before. "You are a clever brat, what I hate most. Now get lost!" That person, woman was openly glaring at him as if attacking him in any minute.

"I need to be a little more persistent to find out about the owner of those eyes." He thought continuing to smirk. "Still, why saving me? I demand to know that at the very least!"

Her glaring became more and more intense. "A spoiled brat I see! You attracted the snake to my cave. Now that I think about it, I should have killed you with it."

"But you didn't." Responded Lancia quickly as soon as she finished but he couldn't continue. The caped person flew back to where she landed before as the old man with the guards made their appearance.

"Lord, are you all right?" Asked Majordomo with a little trembling voice running near the boy who's gaze didn't leave that black cape.

"Yeah…" He whispered, finally taking his eyes off her to look at the man. "Why shouldn't I be?" But didn't wait for an answer noticing that the masked woman had turned her back at them to leave. "I'll come back again to repay my debt!"

Hearing the shouting behind, she only turned her head to give him the same cold gaze but this time in only the freezing aquamarine color. "Don't…!" She jumped off the stone disappearing down into the lifeless trees. Lancia could still feel her gaze surrounding him even though she wasn't there anymore. The guards and Majordomo stood still, until she disappeared completely, surprised by that mysterious woman.

"What happened little master?" The old man asked. He too had frozen by those captivating eyes. "So empty…!" He had thought feeling something nostalgic from when he was younger. 'Who was that person?' was the question that had stuck constant in his head.

"Nothing…nothing at all." Lancia claimed turning his back to her direction, now looking towards the Enema. "Let's leave this place."

All the way to the palace, Lancia couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious woman that he happened to meet. It was something about her, not only her eyes, that attracted him. It was the first interesting thing that happened to him in a long while, something he wouldn't let go off so easily. His crimson head wanted to create a new toy with which he could play with and she was the perfect type for making one. Smirking he repeatedly thought to himself;

"I will bug her for some time, so she should be ready. This toy surely will become my favorite one.

You just wait untill...!"