Right now in a hotel across the country from us is a woman-probably named Sarah- watching a romantic comedy and sobbing into her pillow as she grieves over the happiness that her best friend has with his new wife, because she believes that it's been long enough, and she will never be given the chance to know that kind of happiness.

When Sarah was younger she believed that every soul was made with two heads and they were happy together. They belonged like that. The souls were split in two –one head per half- and each given to a new baby. When the children grew up they would find their other half and the soul would be one again.

Sarah has lost her faith in this childish fantasy. She should not worry, because once Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Antarctica were all one. They split apart, like Voldemort's seven horcruxes, and have been moving away from what they once were for millions of years. The world is round, and there is only so much more to go before they reunite. They don't have to be Pangaea again, and the great Panthalassa will not return. Hawaii is moving towards Japan at a speed of four inches every year. It will take a long time, and it won't be a perfect replication of the last time they were together, yet the seven will eventually reunite.

Humans are impatient creatures, but Sarah will wait.