I didn't mean to die.
I didn't mean to make you cry.
I didn't mean to lie.
I'm a fuck up.

Schizophrenia rules my life,
fills me with pain and strife,
makes me hold the knife,
and slice my arm.

The voices in my head
told me I needed to be dead,
"it will be better" they said,
but they were wrong.

I'm truly sorry from my soul,
in this event it wasn't my role,
they filled my heart with a hole,
and made me empty.

I didn't mean to,
it was nothing about you,
I had no clue
what they would do to us.

Now I'm ruined for life,
ruled by the strife
and the knife

To Jessie,
To Lizzy,
to David,
to Jake.

I'm sorry I'm a fake.
Oh, especially Jake.
I'm such a fake,
my precious Jake.

To Jessie, my sister,
I'm like a fucking blister,
rubbing until she leaves,
hiding in her pain she grieves.

To Lizzy, my friend,
I made her life end,
I made her hurt
and lied to her like she was dirt.

To David, my brother,
I love him like none other,
but he left me,
he needed to be who he wanted to be.

To Jake, my best friend,
your life came to an end.
You left me here with my pain
with everything to lose and nothing to gain.

I'm sorry I'm a fake.
It was a mistake.

Don't leave me.

I didn't mean to die.