Once, in a land far away, a young Princess ruled over her people.

The Princess was kind and good, with looks fair.

Her kingdom prospered under her rule, and the magical creatures and humans were content to live hand-in-hand.

But as the Princess grew, an evil sorceress planted a seed of vanity and greed in her heart, as revenge for being exiled from the beautiful kingdom.

The once-kind Princess became cruel, with a black heart, and the kingdom was consequently affected as well.

The streams dried up, the trees died, and all sorts of evil beings drove the kind and gentle creatures away.

The poor humans had to hide underground to survive, with a temple as their only window to the outside world.

Out of this horror-filled landscape came the light that would one day save the land: the Magic Benders. Or at least, that's what the humans told each other.

As time passed, no heroic, light-filled Mages came forth, and the Magic Bender tales became a legend that only a few still spoke of.

This is where the story begins.