A Mistake Like No Other

Why did Eve ever take a bite of that deceptive apple?

Oh, how she must have regretted it

As the weight of knowledge fell upon her shoulders

Making them creak and ache.

As her cheeks flushed

When she looked down at her bare body,

Its youth slowly draining like a broken faucet

Drop by drop.

As the nature around her

Slowly began to dull:

The flowers, so bright and colorful but moments ago,

Could only be seen as black or white

Through the thick veil known as Opinion

Which had been covering her face from the moment her teeth touched the apple's

Shimmering skin.

The air had become cold

Its smell, less sweet

And yet, her mouth began to moisten

As she became aware of the growling coming from inside her mind

The hunger for the quest for knowledge

Even after Eden had fallen

She believed that with




She would regain her power and immortality.

She would become equal to God himself

And wipe that mischievous smile

Off of his kind yet unforgiving face.

What was her reaction,

I wonder

As the knife stuck out of her bloodstained chest

Murdered by the "gift,"

She had given herself

Poisoned by the nectar,

In that dreaded apple

Et tu, Brute.