By: hal99

There once was a boy named Elliot. He was an average child. Liked to make friends, play outside, impress his parents. Yep, he was about as normal as they come. But one particular morning was not so average. It started like this:

The radiant rays of sunshine shone brightly through the window. Suddenly awaken by the light, Elliot opened his eyes.

"I'm ready for a new day!" exclaimed Elliot with glee.

He rushed downstairs to see his loving mother at the stove making pancakes. Her name was Frank. She was not the most beautiful woman in the town but she had a voice of a songbird. Often, she had mini concerts in her living room. She drew large crowds that sometimes made Elliot feel uncomfortable. Anyways, Elliot took a seat and took a big whiff of his mother's homemade flapjacks.

"Smells yummy mama!"

"Well, I figured since you've been working so hard in school, I should treat you with a treat!" said Frank with a smile.

It didn't take long for Elliot to finish his breakfast.

"You sure wolfed those down sweetheart," Frank said sounding surprised.

"What can I say, I am one hungry beast! RAAR!" Elliot joked.

Frank could not hold back her laughter.

"Hey, mom," inquired a concerned Elliot.

"Yes dear," she replied.

"When do I get to visit Dad?"

Elliot's father, Dave, was married to Frank for quite some time, until things just weren't the same way they used to be. They divorced when Elliot was 8. That was one year ago.

"Well Elliot, you know how it is between your dad and me and, well, I just don't know if you're ready to see him," Frank responded.

"But mom, that's no fair! I should be able to see Dad whenever I want. I know you guys had a tough break up but you have to move on. Please mom, let me visit Dad!" pleaded Elliot.

Frank sighed, "Oh, sweetie. I understand how you want to visit him, but the way he spoke to me the last time we talked was unacceptable. I'm sorry, Elliot, you are not to see your father."

Elliot knew he had to see his old man, but he didn't know how. If only Dave would come here instead…