Two words: phone book. That will have his number in it. If Elliot called him, he could stop by and see Elliot again.

"Hmm, I wonder what his number is. Aha! Here it is! Dave Williams. 324-0999," Elliot dialed.

The phone rang. Elliot was so full of excitement that he nearly wet his pants. Finally, he heard a voice.

"Hello?" answered the voice.

"Hi, um, Dad? Elliot mumbled nervously.

"I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number, I don't have a son," the man said.

"Oh, sorry, it's just that I was trying to reach my dad so I could see him again," he said sadly.

"Well you're going to need to find someone else to help you because I need to clean up my dog's mess. Goodbye," said the man with a snooty tone.

He didn't even let Elliot say goodbye.

"Well, he wasn't helpful. Hmmm. Hey! I've got it! I'll see if Gertrude knows his number!" Elliot squealed.

Gertrude was Elliot's neighbor. He was a therapist with a problem of his own. He was a hoarder. When things got rough, he would hoard. Now, Gertrude is doing much better, alas, he is very lonely. Gertrude was a nice guy (yes, Gertrude is male) but he was so awkward. Always saying things that were very strange. People never forgot him once they met him, but some wish they did.

Anyways, Elliot decided to see if Gertrude knew his father's phone number since the two were good pals. He walked up to the door of his condo.

"KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!" Elliot screamed to Gertrude when he knocked on the door.

"Oh, Elliot! Why, I haven't seen that face in a long while," said his humble neighbor.

"Okay gramps, let's just get this over with," said Elliot rudely.

"Now, does your mother let you speak with such profanity at her house?"

"You're really weird,"

"I know," said Gertrude sadly.

"Okay, so it's been a really long time since I've seen my dad and I REALLY want to, but my mom won't let me. She says I'm 'not ready'," mocked Elliot.

"Well, I do in fact know the telephone number of your father but I am afraid that you must obey your mother. If she will not allow a visit from your father, then I simply refuse to disobey her law," said Gertrude.

"Shut up Gertrude," said Elliot.