These eyes are skies unleashing rain with the sun out

But there's so much that led the way

To where you fell off of your knees

And gave into death, and broke the keys

But things are fixable, reparable with faith at least

And you're still here! We need to feast!

Second chances are as often as the sun and moon

One upon the other and casting a shadowy swoon

The hurt and the pain, the demise that came

For you I know it's a lot

There's so much shadowing an inevitable plot

But there's more here than you think

Just give it to God to help this stink

I prayed all night and I cried all day

Praying and pleading that you will stay

But now here you are and there's a lot to say

But the words of comfort flee away

Truth is the only one who can answer you

Would be the path of brand and new

Challenge God to take your pain

Yell to Him to take the voices

You have so many other choices

Then giving in and causing rain

I know there's a hole where your heart used to beat

I know there's those scars that go down to your feet

I hear your shattered pieces falling to the floor

Everything you used to be, breaking more

But I can help you get to where you need to be

I won't let you give up on yourself

Because that's not how He designed me

I blamed myself for not getting to you

And blamed my Lord for taking you

I blamed this world for being cruel

I felt like such a gosh damned fool

But here you go, on this whole new journey

Re-teaching and re-learning

All these things that we take for granted

This world is awfully slanted

This is the new chapter

Just don't give up

Fill this one with laughter

Fill it with poise

It isn't easy in all this noise

All this chaos

All this pain

But there is a drain to the waters

That fill our hearts with sorrow

There is a cure to those cracks

Live for the dead and care for the free

set yourself high above me

so I can be here to catch you if you fall

Because things are more than a giant wrecking ball

It just doesn't seem that way right now