Wading through a maze of tall grasses, I struggle to remember how I got here. I can feel my heart pounding, the sweat on my brow, my rugged breathing, running as if my life depended on it. But what am I running from? And there was something I needed to do...ah! I was looking for something. Something important I had lost. Something my very nature as a human needed to feel complete, but what it was escapes my mind. The painful ache in my chest does not subside. I slow down and try to think.

It is completely quiet, except for the whispering and rustling of the prairie grass. I look around, trying to get a grasp at my surroundings. It seems foreign but familiar at the same time. In the skies, I find myself looking at the colourful skies, hues of warm oranges and purple, blues and reds. A sky is breathtaking, full of stars, with colours that you can't remember existed and planets so clearly visible that they seem close enough to touch. From the light of these celestial objects, they illuminate this world, creating a strange midnight glow. I reach up on instinct, my hand grasping at the air, to realize that it's hopeless. That it's impossible to get so high. So I set my sights on reality, lowering my eyes to take in the path that is in front of me.

There is something in the distance. An old, broken down shack of a house. The never changing landscape has come to an end. Colours turn from gentle oranges and greens to dull browns, piercing reds, and shades of grey. The place looks long since abandoned, unwelcoming, and smelling of decay. The wood is rotting, the roof looking like its about to collapse and cave in. But there's something familiar about it as I feel a strange nostalgia creeping through me. Just the sight of the house makes me a bit sad. Maybe I lived there once. After all, I've moved so many times these past few years that I don't bother to keep track anymore.

Somehow, I make my way up to the front door, my feet dragging them there by themselves. As soon as it opens, something pulls me in and darkness swallows me up, pressure threatening to suffocate me. I watch the scene unfold, as if it were a movie film. I see a man and woman struggling, struggling against that monster. She is weeping, the man is angry, shouting and ignoring the woman's pleas. The monster swallow him in one gulp. I stand, frozen in place as she is taken as well. There's nothing left, just silence. A tear rolls down my cheek. I feel my mind awakening from the trance as the scene has ended.

But the monster has not left even when the scene has. Suddenly, it splits into a thousand unfamiliar and soulless faces. Faces cold and white, like masks, with expressionless inhuman eyes. Hundreds of eyes, staring at me, capturing me with their stares as their arms reach out to take me. I scream at the top of my lungs, dropping onto my knees and clutching my head in between my arms. The things are calling out to me, saying my name, chanting reassuring promises that I know are just as fake as all the rest of their words. My heart shuts down, I close myself from any feeling. Unable to stop shaking, trying to stop this terrible nightmare, the nightmare of my reality.

Why can't they leave me alone? This...isn't this a dream, a harmless nightmare at that? I start to notice what I didn't before, my fuzzy vision no matter how much I blink, the distorted colours and unrealistic scenes. Nothing seems right. I know my name, how old I am, the friends who are important to me, and my home.

Enough. I've moved on now. No more shall I succumb to those memories. I've found a place where i belong now. With that thought, light fills...no. Light outshines the darkness and swallows it, churning it, reforming it into something new. It returns in the form of beauty, bright and pure. I see a clear field, I can smell the sweet scented breeze, feel the warmth in my body, and my face brightens at the joyous, jolly woman in the distance, calling my name.

That's right. I've found what I was looking for. No more uncertainty, no more despair. I have people who care about me now, who will protect me... and a home where I belong. I run fast, feeling more alive than I've been in a long time and leap into her arms as everything starts to fade.

Finally, my eyes open. The light is blinding at first but I adjust quickly and start recognize the familiar sights and smells. My stepmother calls me into the kitchen, the cookies are done. I get off the couch and make my way over, smiling like an idiot.

This short story is about a girl who's parents died at a young age and she was left in foster homes. She had a nightmare formed around her memories that turned into a lucid dream. She realized that there was nothing to fear anymore, there were people who cared about her and a place where she belonged.