A voice is shaking in the dark
It's hands are grasping air
Feeling for something that's not there
You both left your mark
As I have left mine
Can we take the cloth of time
Rewind and unwind
Bend and take a part
All these things
That claimed your heart?

I can't be more than what I am
I'm standing, bleeding, mortal man
I cannot take your pain
I cannot mute your hurt
Don't hang on to me
Don't grasp what I am
I'll land us both into the dirt

I'll try to stand and be who I can
I'll grip your hand
And hold you up
But you can't be dead weight
Or we'll both have a fatal date

Help me help you and we'll do
What we can do
But don't be difficult
And don't get mad
Take me advice
Like you've never had
I want to get over this ditch
Get through this storm
Climb out of the tomb
and get through the swarm
we can make it
we can survive together