Just a poem I wrote in the middle of the night..

Twinkling in the sky above

In olden days, when all was made,

when land was soaked in evil shade,

the Spirits wise made creatures bright,

to bathe the world in heavens light.

The shining beings walked the land,

they wandered beaches, in the sand,

they travelled forests long ago,

but then they learned the greatest woe.

To never count the leaves of trees,

to never hear the sum of bees,

to never feel the fall of rain,

to never walk the woods again.

The Spirits put them in the sky,

from there they watched the birds fly by,

and from the heavens saw the men,

that walked the world instead of them.

The sky and clouds were all they had,

and there they stayed, forever sad,

their destiny was great but hard,

to ever be the humans ward.

To never touch the earth and stone,

to watch the lands turn ash and bone,

to never hear the songs of lore,

that's sung by humans evermore.