The darkness fills the sky hiding away the moon and starts tonight. There is a chill in the air tonight as Sophie and I walk down the dimly lite street.
"I feel like I can't think anymore. This week has been too much. I don't think I can take anything else." Sophie says.
"Ya." I say staring at a tree that sits in the distance overwhelmed by everything that just happened as well.
"Why did Carrie have to drive that night. If she had left a little later she wouldn't have been hit by that truck and maybe..." She stops mid sentence unable to continue.
I glance over her to notice that she has tears falling down her pale face. Her wavy blonde hair somewhat falls in the way tears. Somewhat hiding her brown eyes, small round nose and round cheeks. Just below her nose sits her bright pink lips. Even with her head bent slightly she is still taller than me.
I go back to staring off into the distance, unsure of what to next. I hear a stick break and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I look at Sophie and see that she is unaware of anything right now. I grab her hand tightly, increase my pace and say, "We better get going."
She looks at me confused, but walks faster. Within seconds she is tugging my hand in the opposite direction. I turn around and see a guy clingy to her as she kicks and punches him with little to no luck of escaping. With one final yank she releases her grip. Overwhelmed by fear I dash off as fast as I can, and as soon as I get to a safe spot I reach for my phone to find it's not there. I start to cry as guilt builds up inside me knowing that I left Sophie behind.
I feel a chill go down my spine. I look around but no one is there. I grab a stick off of the ground, ready to fight and I start to run. I trip on the ground and blood starts oozing out of my knee. I get back up and hear a guy laugh. I look around to find my stick but it's too late. He has his hands around my neck as I attempt to bite, scratch, and kick him.
He laughs at me further and says to me "It's no use, you've lost." My lungs feel like they're burning and about to burst until I pass out.
I wake up in a room that looks so familiar, as if I've seen it before. I look down and see that I don't have any clothes on. I look to my side and see Sophie next to me, also missing her clothes.
She is shaking and sobbing uncontrollably, while staring at this man holding a knife in his hands. He turns to me and says, "This is what you have to look forward to." He turns to Sophie and sticks the knife into her foot as she screams really loud through the cloth that covers her mouth. Tearing her apart piece by piece.