Should their bearings come to weigh too much
And, without warning, they thrust them upon you,
Just as insinuated by the changing of the seasons,
From the budding of spring to the blistering heat of summer,
Everything withering beneath the lilting rays of the sun
Icarus plunging from out of the sky and into the roiling sea,
Lost to the portentous dreams that plagued him,
Unable to admit defeat when it was most befitting,
He was dismayed by the weight that he held,
His fathers struggles foretelling his own downfall,
In the depths of the ocean, his body embalmed by the salt and rollicking waves,
Icarus succumbed to the darkness in which his mistakes were never forgiven him
And, at last, a toast to all you who have fallen likewise,
Should you carry the weight of those around you and your wishes be denied.