Making Common Sense Towards a Record Deal

Hip-hop to me is the waves of the rhyme that you grow up with and change with as a whole new person. You start to fall in love with it and build memories as your favorite song comes on. You start to know when hip-hop is doing its best and when hip-hop is being lazy. I see my culture, my people and my family dance to it because of the feeling and the waves of the beat. It gives you a place called home. I could never forget the first day I heard hip-hop. Maybe I might be late for this one but the first time I heard hip-hop was when I was walking down the street with my dad in fresh 98 Adidas. I was jamming my favorite song called Electric relaxation from a tribe called quest as I was staring at the honeys on 155th street. I had a sensual feeling when I saw a hot girl. Every time I got horny by just looking at them, I would put on some a tribe called quest just to lighten the mood.

Every time I would come across a situation, hip-hop came right into the picture. It mostly was a part of my life. Nothing could replace it and even if I tried, no genre will give you that feeling. I could remember the first time it brought me together with interesting people. I could remember this kid named disco. He was Korean but was the most amazing rapper I ever heard. I was taking the train to downtown Manhattan and I saw him right across from me rapping 99 problems from jay z. I couldn't keep my eyes of him because he was so good. He wasn't any jay z because he had his own sound. I couldn't believe he could sound like that and not even have to sound like biggie or Nas to spread a message. My mouth hung open as he was done rapping and then I went up to him.

"Hey man! When did you learn how to do all that?"

He sucked his teeth so loudly and then popped his gum.

"Well ever since I was a shorty. It just came natural to me."

"How many of these rhymes do you got?"

He looked at me weird as if I was speaking in a straight different language. I rephrased my question so he could understand what I was saying.

"Well do you have notebooks filled with this stuff?"

"Yeah, I have hundreds of them. But most of the time I just freestyle off the top of my head."

I looked at him in amazement. I couldn't believe I found this individual on the train. But then again, this is New York and you are always guaranteed to find some real hip-hop somewhere. I stared at him as he gave me one more rhyme over a Nas beat. He sounded so smoove yet inspirational. I could tell he was going to be big one day. As the train stopped at Bumside Avenue, I quickly got my stuff to head out. Disco called me one quick second to get my attention.


I turned around as I heard his voice. He pulled out a piece of paper that had a rock the mike sign on it. He told me when to come. I grabbed the flyer and looked at his number. I gave him mine and then I left. I went to Bumside Avenue; I walked around town just to see the city's atmosphere. I love what New York has to offer especially the slums and ghettos. After I was done with exploring and adventuring. I went back on the train and headed to my house. I always liked going to the slums of New York. Especially Brooklyn and queens. But I had to get out of my fantasy world and head back home where my real home is. No offence to Brooklyn but if I don't reach there within an hour, my dad is going to flip out so I waited until the train stopped at Manhattan. I walked all way through Times Square to 180 south boulevards New York, NY, 10069. As soon as I went up stairs I saw Henry, our butler, dressing in all black and white as he steps in front of the door

"Hello Jason," he says with a great big smile. "Do you need help with your bags?"

I nodded my head as I handed him the bag. It usually is content routine that I get use to since the first time I stepped in this house. I walked straight up stairs as I saw my dad in the office who is ready to sign this artist. I could tell by the way he talked on the phone and how excited he was by how he looked at him. He called me over there to see the new artist that he is about to sign.

"Hey Jason! Come here for a second."

I stepped inside the office that the new artist was in. He had so many chains that he could use them to feed an entire country. He was wearing leopard paints with a furry jacket. He had a big douge bag shirt with a girl's ass with a thong on. Never wanted to judge a book by its cover but by how he presents himself, you would think he could do better.

"He is amazing. Spit a rap for him."

The new rapper rubs his hands, as he was about to rap. I hope he raps better than he dresses.

"A chick called me another day and said she ain't got it. I pulled that pistol out and showed her what I wanted and I slapped her in the face. Leaving a smudge on my J's. I told her that this was trill money and she needed to work hard if she wanted to get with mahh. She had a fat butt like a humpback. I whispered in her ear and told her what to do with that."

As soon as he stopped rapping, my mouth dropped to the floor. Out of all the people that had actual talent, this is what you get. I always kept my mouth shut when he brought in a shitty artist such as Booty chains, Honda Murda and Goldy James. But after this one came in, I had enough. My father could tell by the look on my face that I thought it was complete crap. He sent the new artist outside the room. My dad kneeled towards his desk to see what I thought about it.

"So, what do you think? Did you like him?"

I gave him a facial expression saying hell no.

"Dad, I thought this was signing people with talent not signing people who dress weird."

My dad looked at me as if he was so surprised that I said that. I could tell he was mad but tried to respect my opinion.

"Listen, this is a place of business and people are going to react to someone that is different. We don't need an artist that is serious all the time."

I rolled my eyes at his comment. I didn't mean to say be serious all the time but at least make good music and lyrics.

"Dad, I'm not saying to be serious all the time but if you are going to make music that is partying, than make sure the lyrics are good and relatable. Something you can feel good from."

"I understand that son. But when people go to a party, they also don't want to think, they just want to dance."

"I'm not saying people think while dancing. I'm saying that people are going to hear what the singer says regardless and are going to catch up to the song and know that it makes no sense. People now when work is being lazy."

My dad gave a big sigh. He knows that I am very out spoken and don't hold back when I am being asked of my opinion. He went down on one knee and tried to confess to me.

"Listen, we are ending the 90s now and moving to the 2000's. We are taking another turn. That's it."

He walks away just to tell that it was the end of the conversation. I know he didn't want to hear my mouth but I walked over towards him anyway.

"Well at least we can lead this generation with good music."

I gave him a flyer that said rock the mike on it. I gave him disco's phone number and told him to get ready at 4:00 on Saturday.

It was Saturday afternoon and I told my dad to get ready so I can take him to the show. He was in the bathroom, taking a long time again. I knocked on the door to see if he was ok and he came out. I took one look at him and saw intelligence. He looks so smart yet has bad taste in music. I picked up the flyer that I gave him and called our limo driver, named Fred, to pick us up. As soon as I was getting the ride setup, he looked at me as if; I was his son all grown up. He rubbed my head as the limo was here and kissed me on the forehead. We both went inside the limo and told Fred where to go. As we were on our way there, dad looked at me in concern.

"I hope you are taking me somewhere that is worth going to that is full of talent."

I looked at him as soon as he said that.

"Yeah! Trust me. The artist in this place will help you get money for a lifetime. Not just for the moment."

He looked at me as if I knew what I was talking about. I looked at him back and we had our little moment. He saw that I was growing and could run the plan someday. I never thought I could do that but maybe he is right. As soon as we pulled over, there was a big sign that said Rock the mike. We headed inside the building and went straight towards the auditorium where the show was. My father and I found a seat rite towards the front. We waited until a bunch of people got settle in and then the host decided to come out and start the party.

"Hey! What's up New York!" he said with a microphone in his hand. The whole crowd made some noise. "Are you ready for some real talent?"

The whole crowd made some noise again that was so loud that it hurt my ears. I just wanted him to get with the artist already and let my favorite rapper, disco, perform so I could show my dad. The host hurried up with his speech and let out his first performer. This performer was straight up real. No large coats with fur, no big chains, just him. I was impressed by his style. He started to rap and when he did, I was so impressed even more. He had a party mode when his song came on. The lyrics seemed all right at first. But as he kept going, I started to feel him. He did his own two steps while performing and then he was done. Some of the crowd clapped as he left the stage. Others were judging.

The next on came out and it was a female. She was very colorful yet spiritual. Her song came on and it was as if Erica Badu and Lauren hill was into one. She was crazy talented and the song was genius yet great to dance too. She had on a big scarf around her head with blue denim jeans and red flats. After her song was done, the majority of the audience made a round of applause. She was so amazing they had to do a second round of applause. I kept her in mind to sign but waited until disco comes out... I looked over to my dad to see if he is still ok and I could tell by his facial expression that he was impressed.

"Hey dad! What do you think?"

He looked at me in shock. He couldn't believe the amount of talent he saw in his eyes. He was impressed by the performances and how they were so passionate within their music that he couldn't believe it.

"I can't believe that all these people are so good with their music. They have straight up talent." He touched my shoulder. "Good job son."

"Thanks dad. Just wait till you see this artist."

After the host just took 3 to 4 minutes of giving jokes to lighten up the crowd. He then brings out disco. I was so excited that I almost shivered in my seat. The audience gives applause when he comes out. He gets his poster ready and then spits.

"People just call me an Asian persuasion. When really they don't know that I am just another nigga on the street that is trying to make statement. I use rap bars to stop all the hating, as the government is trying to stop us from making it. But I keep my head up high to see the dream of the people. Listening to Martin words as I figure out that we need to start it to be equal. I listen to Nas to not be slave in his rhyme book while seeing society plan it and letting there minds cook. Burn to the ground as their mind starts to wonder. They give up on their intelligence to be with a sinner."

The whole crowd gave a round of applause. Even people outside the building had to clap. My dad stood up as he saw the amazement in the man's lyrics. He rubs his face and walks to the bathroom. I was so happy that I walked towards to disco. He seemed tired but had the passion for anything.

"You did an amazing job."

He turned around and looked at me.

"Damn, you made it."

"Yes I did, my father is a president of LA records and I brought him over here to see you. He is in the bathroom right now… but you did a good job."

"Thank you so much. This means a lot to me."

"No, no, no, thank you."

I walked over to see if my dad was out the bathroom until I saw this happen. My dad talking to Booty chains and giving him his number. I shook my head as I saw this. Thinking that I will never get through to him.