So I recently saw a rant on here and I decided that I should post one myself after I found myself ranting to someone about how life seemed so fake these days. Oh, darn, I got ahead of myself there. So anyways my theme for my rant is about how life is so fake.

I found myself running down the beach, hair blowing, staring at the stars, waves crashing at my feet and wondering: Isn't this what life is supposed to be like? I mean really, concrete streets and plastic trees, that's not life, this is life. Running down the beach, barefoot, flashing through the trees, laughing your head off, remember the times when you did that as a child? When it didn't matter that there was a new videogame coming out that you would have to wait in line for hours to buy? I remember those times. The moments when you were really and truly surrounded by nature, not surround by plastic.

I live in one of the best places in the world, where I am constantly surrounded by nature and I love it! But many people seem to think it would be better to live in a city where the only trees you can see are the ones in the pictures. This to me makes life fake, human beings have even found ways to make themselves fake (plastic surgery! Just the thought of it makes me cringe!) Life should be real, not fake! It should be about trees and flowers, not about video games and who got the best face lift. I think that the most terrible thing that could ever happen on Earth would be that the children of Earth could not experience the things that this generation have experienced. Do you agree?