I'm sorry I'm not good enough,

I'm sorry you don't care,

I'm sorry after all we've been through

I see your face everywhere.

I tried everything I possibly could

To fix this beautiful thing I've broken;

Despite my guilt there aren't any words

To take back whats already spoken.

Imagine losing everything and

everyone you hold dear;

Is it hard to imagine your eyes

Glistening in pain and fear?

Just another one of many

Who couldn't bear to stay;

Who on earth could blame you

When I always act this way?

I'd tell you I'm just fine

If you even bothered to ask;

Turns out you're just an angel

Here to make me feel like trash.

My head is filled with words

That keep the demons away

But I can't think of a phrase

to convince this one to stay.

Both of my lone companions

Are leaving me this way;

Now I wish I could remember

What it's like to be okay

AN: This is gonna be a crazy long authors' note sooo yeah. Oh my gosh so many reviews all at once. Though I haven't replied to all of you directly, thanks so much to those of you who take the time to give me pointers, you have no idea how much I appreciate it! I'll admit, I kinda spammed people for awhile there trying to get reviews. I see an author I like, I tell them I like them and ask them to look and give me some advice. I always talk in my author's notes as if I have fans but usually I only get one hit to one story a week. I've been writing my whole life but it's always just been what pops into my head, I've never tried to put a structure to it or grow as a writer until recently. And it's extremely difficult to grow and get better when you get 0 traffic and 0 reviews. So I don't care if what you have to say isn't praising my work, that's the idea. Nobody's perfect and I love it when people point out things I could do to make my writing better. I mean I'd appreciate it if you didn't just tell me I suck, but if you tell me I suck and give me ways to get better I'll be just fine with it :3 So pretty please keep the reviews coming :) And also: Ohmygosh so many typos everywhere. Geez. Thanks for pointing it out because I did a lot of those when I was new to this site (and my laptop) and I never even proofread them. I'll upload a new doc fixing them soon :)

*BTW* This is not the original doc I know, I took a reviewers advice about the really long AN at the end and I deleted it and replaced it with this one because when I went back and read it I realized there were just too many bold letters and not enough focus on what I wrote. Oh dear god I'm creating more. Byee