In Memphis, Tennessee, two brothers had moved out of their apartment and were ready for their drive to Milwaukee.

"Do you want to drive first, Alan?" the youngest brother named Scott Presley asked.

"Sure, Scott. I'll drive for a while," Alan said.

Alan told Scott he wanted to drive by their parents' house so they would know they were moving to Milwaukee. Alan didn't know how George and Mary Tompson were going to take the news about Alan moving to a new high school.

Alan and Scott both knew George and Mary Tompson weren't their birth parents. They had been adoptive parents to Alan and his brother since he and Scott were ten and five years old. It didn't take long to get to George and Mary's house. George was about to go back to work when he found Alan and Scott at the front door.

"Hi, boys. Come in," George said, opening the door.

"Hi, Dad," Alan said.

"What brings you boys to this neighborhood?" George asked as Alan and Scott walked into the house.

"Not much, Dad. Dad, there's something Alan and I have to tell you," Scott said.

"What's that? You boys know you can tell us anything. There's no telling what your real father will say to this if you two came to his house at this time of day to give him the news you're going to tell us since his health is bad. As far as we know, your father doesn't have much longer to live," George told the boys.

"That's why we're not here, Dad. We came to tell you and Mom we're moving," Alan said.

"You're what?" George Tompson asked, a little shocked.

"You heard me, Dad. We're moving," Alan said.

"Mary!" George called from the top of his lungs.

Just then, Mary came out from the laundry room and the living room.

"Yes, George? What's all the commotion?" Mary asked.

"Our sons just told me they're moving," George Tompson said.

"Is that true?" Mary asked Alan and Scott.

"Yes, Mom," Scott told her.

"Where are you moving?" Mary asked.

"Milwaukee. I got a job transfer there," Alan told Mary and George.

"What school are you going to be working for in Milwaukee?" George asked.

"I hear the name of the high school is Jefferson High School. I start next week," Alan told their parents, "so that's why we have to move now."

"All right. If your school tells you have to transfer, I guess you have to do what they tell you to do," Mary told Alan.

"We're leaving now," Alan told Mary and George.

"We'll see you boys when you get Christmas and Thanksgiving break then. Remember you two to be sure to follow the one meal a day plan as you always have been."

George wanted to remind the two young men as they headed out the door.

"We know," Scott said as they got in the car and drove away.

Note: I found this in my documents and decided to change this to the original chapter 1 of 'The Move.'