Scott watched as Alan logged on the computer. He watched Alan log into his fanfiction account. Yes, Alan had been a huge hit with his Bible fanfiction stories and had written them well and all the one she had done he carried messages in his stories. Scott saw all the hits Alan had on his 50 stories. It was a lot, he could tell.

"Do you plan to write a new one anytime soon?" Scott asked his brother.

"I might. Once I get a job and write on my off hours, would you like to post for me like you have before?" Alan asked him.

"Okay. I have time for that since I'm not looking for a job anytime soon," Scott said.

"I kind of figured that," Alan said.

Scott watched as Alan checked all the new comments, private messages, favorite story/author, story alert and author alerts he had gotten this entire time he had been off the computer. He had gotten a lot of them and the comments he saw were all good ones so he took what he got.