You knock on heaven's door then black out. Unconscious, you seek shelter in the arms of a savior. You encounter everlasting peace on the other side of the great divide.

In this twilight, where is your long awaited miracle? Mother Mary discusses with you the things that I never said out loud. It is too late for you to know how much you

have made me proud. A shroud, dark cloud of mystery now surrounds what could've should've would've been. I enter your sanctuary, the cemetery. Long gone are the

days when the night can be merry because you are dead. I imagine cherry blossoms falling down on your head. There is only one direction to go by which is up with the

birds. May angels lead you there to the finish line. They carry your body in their arms to a castle in the sky. Breathing outside earth's atmosphere, you lack nothing in the

afterlife. I miss you so please comeback to me soon.