The Dark Horse Cometh: a poem

Upon the witching hour's chime,
have an ear open you men who commit a crime.
The galloping which makes sounds children cannot hear,
means only that the Dark Horse draws ever near.
It is not a being sent from above,
it is not a peaceful bringer of love.
Its bloodstained hooves shall crack thy skull,
and leave thy meat for the hungry gull.
It is not a saint in horse's skin;
it's drawn to what evil lies within.
From Satan's stable it does ride,
to quench its hunger with an evil man's hide.
The Dark Horse cometh so beware,
if thou are just your life it will spare.
But let the ten be broken its best ye run,
let the umbra stallion have some fun.

Once I saw the galloping grim one trot,
the corpse was fresh and my gun was hot.
I heard a noise that sounded of the track,
but no one was around me, I did not fear attack.
The galloping filled my ears,
giving birth to childish fears.
Around my shoulder I did gaze,
I saw the horse, on my flesh it was willing to graze.
I ran across the concrete trail,
but the Dark Horse was on my tail.
Iron horseshoes broke the manmade road,
I ran faster lest I be crushed like a toad.
Across the shops, the parks, and slums,
I ran past managers, dogs, and bums.
Never once did the horse abandon his prey,
I knew my curse was here to stay.
Years and years, where ever I was the Dark Horse came,
I changed my address, my business, even my name.
Too long I had run from the demon mare,
I chose to face it in a final stare.
A rifle was in my hand,
and with all my bravery I took my stand.
Now was the time to give my due,
or else transmute the beast to glue.
But never try and cheat fate my friends,
for no matter what life always ends.

I was drug to hell by the bloody steed,
all for one dark and greedy deed.
Heed my story friends and heed it well,
live innocently and the truth please tell.
The Dark Horse cometh should you sin,
do not deny the mare for you will not win.