Angelic, true love is magic.

Holy sacred relic, heart of the

titanic, be optimistic instead of

pessimistic. Epic, heroic small wonder

adorn in lavender, discover a secret open

door. Chronic aquatic tears, folic acid, grabs

a hold of this apocalyptic beauty. Apoplectic,

sympathetic emphatic eyes show pity toward

the weak. Looking at life through kaleidoscopic

lens, microscopic thoughts experience a breakdown.

What is logic without reasoning? IS it ironic for a music

lyric to start off good then end bad? Tragic magnetic

fatal attraction, enchanted once in a lifetime romantic

encounter, float away on cloud nine. Eclectic, electric

bionic chemistry cry out for the dawn. Hysteric and

frantic, the current delicate state of wellbeing goes

deeper than any cosmetic surgery. Whoever will care

enough to help this fallen angel, dying swan? Ecliptic,

cosmic poetic twilight teach this newborn fawn how

to walk again. Comic relief breaks through chaotic

loud noises, robotic voiceovers. Laid to rest, an

insomnaic lunatic turns out not to be really a maniac

afterall. Buried at sea, these toxic chemicals are gone forever.

Full of grace, joy erases any trace of grief from the atmosphere. Beloved fairytale

character with a gigantic heart of gold, please never grow old and die.