an. so i just found this in my journal, and it's not dated, which is really annoying. anyway, it's from sometime this year, that's all i know.

we crouch together in the ruins
of the past two years,
hands interlocked, knuckles white
with the pressure, foreheads
resting against each other,
eyes shut tight.

tears burn acid tracks down my face,
mirrored on yours.
we are gone. the civil war between us
is over at long last,
but there is no peace here,
no reconstruction or fresh start.

we have made our final stand,
battled it out to the death, single combat,
and nothing is left. the beautiful world we built
has burned to the ground
and it is time for us
to chant our prayers of mourning
and bury what is left, deep out of sight.

yet, i cannot bring myself to leave:
after all this bloodshed, i still love you.
i still love you.

how can we abandon that? how can we
go on with our lives
as though nothing ever happened here?
as though we never had a home,
never had each other?

how am i supposed to forget you?