Alas, my poor nation,
Look what they have done to you!
My long fought-for creation
Now muddled and askew.

Formerly the freest and the best,
Of all the nations in the west;
But now out of them all,
your children are the most repressed.

A grand dream I had back in '36
Of a place for my people to be free
But has come down like a load of bricks,
Hacked down by corrupt axe like a once great tree.

But look, I still see a light!
A hope for a better future, like my original plan;
Still a chance to make things right.
And it all rests on the shoulders of one man.

Much resistance this man will face
For his ideas enrage the elites now in power.
But he was elected by power of grace;
And with hope will lead Orb to her finest hour.

Just as I did my job in those days,
Now he must do a different but similar job;
A job reimagined and approached in new ways.
He will placate the mob and silence the snob.