Scene: Detective Jones appears at the scene of the crime with his partner Detective LOLOLOLOL (Or just LOL for short) Stupide. There they meet the owner of the remote and a suspect o.O

Detective Jones: *Looks at where the remote used to be* Hmmm... Very puzzling.

Detective Stupide: *Looks in mirror* OMG! I need a haircut! I've got split ends!

Mrs. Sarah Parkz (owner of the remote): I swear I left it on the counter after leaving to go to Wal-y. (Wal-mart)

Detective Jones: *Looks closer* Hmmmm... Still puzzling.

Ella, DJ Parkz and Mr. Ronald Parkz (housekeeper, Son and Husband): *Enter the room*

DJ: Oh, Mummy! Did you find it yet?

Mrs. Parkz: *Starts sobbing* No... *Sniffle*... Not yet... *Sobs*

Detective Stupide: *Looks at Mrs. Parkz* Is she peeing through her eyes?

*Mr. Ronalds pats his wife on the back*

Detective Jones: A-HA!

*People jump*

Detective Jones: I figured out what happened to the remote!

*Sharp inhale from everyone*

Detective Jones: *Dramatically points at counter* It was murdered!

*Gasp and a sob from Mrs. Parkz*

Mrs. Parkz: No! You're wrong! Who would do such a thing?! *Runs off stage*

Ella: *Suspiciously starts dusting of furniture* And do you know who killed the remote?

Detective Stupide: *Not being stupid for once* No ma'am... This calls for a professional!

*Cue Ultra Hawt Detective Obvious walking on stage*

Detective Obvious: Did someone call for a professional?! *Flexs muscles*

Detective Stupide: *Faints*

Ella: *Glares* *Picks nose while still glaring* *Sits down and takes a nap. While still glaring*

Detective Obvious: *Checks for finger prints* No sign that someone killed it. There's no batteries anywhere.

*After 10 minutes of staring at the spot where the remote had been, Detective Jones snaps his fingers*

Detective Jones: I know who did it!

*Everyone gathers in living room*

Detective Jones: *Points at Mr. Parkz* It was you!

*Dramatic DON DON DO-O-O-O-N*

To be continued...