As a last, desperate attempt to free himself from the Kuro's grasp, he takes the pendent from his chest. I know just what he intends to do. I don't care who he is or-, I can't just let him do this; it's all my fault anyway. I jump in front of him and hug his waist. There's a sharp pain in my back and then my world goes black.

Chapter 1

Our story begins with a boy and girl. The pair is inseparable due to the fact that they are nearly identical twins. They live a very peaceful life with their father at a monastery. He was known to be mysterious and eccentric by most people, but to the twins, he was their dad. He always tells them that he will always protect them and keep them safe, and he always did what he physically could, but sometimes that isn't enough.

One night, a figure appears in the monastery they use as a home. He demands to have the kids. The old man denies, like in one of those sappy fairy tales. He though to himself "these kids are my responsibility. The twins are his kids, even if they weren't blood related. Any who, the figure decides that he could only get them if he used brute force. He raises his hand as a signal. Several people clad in black swarm in through the window, shattering the glass.

But here's where things become interesting. The clergymen, that helped the trio in the past, try to distract as many as they could while, the kids were led to one of the statues by their father. He pulls a lever, and the floor is replaced with a tunnel.

"You two must get out of here. Hurry!" He says urgently.

"But daddy," the little girl protests.

"Zak. Take your sister and get out." The old man says handing the boy a slip of paper. "Try to get over to the bay and on a ship. Go through the forest, where you won't be seen, and head for the port. An old friend of mine's there. Go to him and escape. You remember Mr. Mason right? He'll keep you safe. Listen, I love you both. I'll find you afterward. Please be safe and I'll see you soon."

He scuffs their hair and urges them down. His heart almost breaks having to leave them by themselves. He shakes the thought from his head and when they're far enough down he closes the tunnel. Before anyone can get through, he breaks the lever and completely blocks the path so no person could get through; not even himself.

Their father never cared for violence too much, but could have been turned into one of the most violent men in this world if you pissed him off enough. This being one of those times, he fought to protect the twins, but is too distracted by the horror that might await his small family.

The kids run to the forest as instructed. They run fast and quiet, like they were always did when trying to play a prank on someone, but this time constantly looking behind them. They half expect to see black figures, yet secretly wish to see their dad. Behind them, they hear screams and see fire growing around them. Again, they look back. They spotted five black figures walking, almost mockingly, towards them.

They try to get out of sight, heading to a more dense area. Once they are, the boy pushes the girl into a bush, and says, "Stay here. I'll lead them away and come back to get you."
He runs before she can protest, not ten seconds after he leaves, one of the five men appear in front of her. He lays there a minute, willing herself invisible, even thought the leaf cover should be enough. Her heart beats hard and fast. She's sure he can hear it. Yet he waits and waits, sometimes even pacing back and forth. After about three minutes, he's joined by another. After about seven minutes of hiding, all but one has arrived. They talk about the village and how it was going to burn. They also plan on killing all the villagers they could find and not to let her, her brother, or even their father escape alive.

She dared not move, let alone breath. Any movement means certain death. The fear she feels sends chills down her spine. The girl is completely horrified but not as much as when she sees the fifth. His presence didn't feel human. It was more demonic.

"Comb the area" He orders. His voice so dark and dense she almost vomits. "Leave no rock unturned. I want these kids found."

They reply with a crisp, "Sir!" and again begin their search.

Still she waits several more moments. Things start to get somewhat quiet. She know that she shouldn't move but decides to come out. She walks a few feet and looks around, but finds nothing. No one was there. The fire still engulfs half the forest. People continue to run and scream around her, but it was the hand that grabbed her that freaks her out the most. She tries to struggle free against the attacker she couldn't see.

"Calm down. You're alright." says a familiar voice.

She turns around and sees the familiar face of her father half covered in his blood. She gave him a half-smile, distorted by a dirt caked face.

"Where's Zak?" He asks, placing his hand on her shoulder to calm the girl.

"He went somewhere that way." She says pointing the way he ran off.

"Stay close to me." He says grabbing her hand.

"Don't you dare leave daddy's side." Laughs a cruel voice.

Her father pushes the girl behind him, sensing the massive amount of power from the man who wasn't there just moments. "Get back."

A hand comes up and grabs the girl. She thrashes her limbs trying to break free. "Let go!"

She can't break free of his grasp. When her father tries to help her, he gets hit in the back of the head. Falling to the ground hardly able to move. The man who holds her points a gun to the girl's head. He starts to squeeze the trigger. Suddenly, knife flies through the shade and smoke towards the hand that holds the girl. He releases his grip involuntary, but still manages to fire the pistol. The girl falls to the earth with a thud. Surprisingly enough, she finds that she isn't injured.

"You brat!" he shouts.

She looks back and saw her brother Zak. The shrouded figure's attention goes from her to him. Another one of his allies hold down their father, his arm pulled back and face pushed into the dirt. Yet he still manages "Run away."

He raises his gun, giving an evil smirk. The second says, "You're gonna stay there and watch."

The pistol points at the boy standing by the river bank. He freezes and turns pale, not because of the gun pointed at him but what he sees behind the man. Before the trigger could be pulled the girl is picked up by the back of her collar. A sword is pushed into her back and through her heart, effortlessly . Her muscles tense and relax almost simultaneously. She sees her brother and father gasp. Someone says something but she can't understand what it is or who it came from. Her vision start to go blurry as the blood drip from her mouth. The sword gets removed from the girl's limp body. She's dropped and falls effortlessly once more, this time doomed to not get up again. Her father struggles more but can't free himself. Another gun shot is heard. A spot on the boy's shirt becomes redder and redder. He falls into the dark, cold river.

Their father is picked up and carried away half conscious from his beating, leaving him with four broken ribs and a broken arm. He can only see the girl, blue eyes glazed over and laying face down in a pool of her own blood. She watches him but can't comprehend whats happening. As he's dragged away,facing her, he raises his hand and tries to mutter her name, "A-A-" but can't finish.

She can't help remember her entire life as each picture flashes in her eyes. Even all the stories she is told by her guardian. As she recalled the stories her eyes got sleepier and sleepier.

The light faded from her half-slit eyes. She can't help just letting go, letting sleep consume her, and almost welcomed the feeling.

One last time the girl opened her eyes involuntarily, but the world looked a bit different. There was no chaos, fires, or people screaming. Everything was calm and quiet, but dark and almost scary. The last thing she saw was a figure with red eyes and pointed teeth approach her as she drifts into a peaceful sleep once again, as the figure steps in-front of her.