The man's voice drones on and she tries her best to tune him out. Its like the entire world is mocking her and her lack of decision. Honestly, who cares about what she wants to do later on in life? Honestly, what's the big deal? She looks around her at the other students who are yawning and whispering with their friends, none of them feel houndrd like she does.

His voice interrupts her musings and while his words are surprisingly interesting she just wants it to be over. She's sick of being asked about her future; she's sick of having to always be focusing on what lies ahead.

She's a mere girl - too young to be bothered by these things. She should be able to go to the park with friends, read a book, play matchmaker. Instead, she is sitting here in a dusty factory room listening to him drone on about choices - wondering what else she could have been doing on this rainy Tuesday afternoon.