~Para, Strange, Crepe. C.I.A.~
January 17th, 1952- First confirmed Alien Ship crashes into the Atlantic.
January 24th, 1997- Three more Ship's crash into the Atlantic.
February 3rd, 2001- Mutations in sea-dwelling animals found in the gulf of Mexico and gulf of Alaska.
September 18th, 2014- Thirteen new mutated "species" found in the span of three months.
December 25th, 2035- Spaceship crashes in Mayoworth, Wyoming.
January 17th, 2036- 300,000 confirmed dead.
February 24th, 2036- 136,000,000 commit suicide. [WORLDWIDE]
August 7th, 2040- Children born in Wyoming show mutations, aka "birth defects."
March 1st, 2050- Alien's Invade.
March 2nd, 2050- Losing battle, 3 Billion dead.
March 3rd, 2050- Eriklen Matthews, world famous scientist, completes the Machine.
March 17th, 2793- Zaya Robertson is awakes.