In the subtle light of the morrow, the dock of the shipyard appeared mysterious. As boats moved up and down with the motion of the soft waves, one can see the water behind illuminated with light as the sun rose higher over the hemisphere. My body trembled with each passing breeze, while I waited for the sun to reach me and warm me with it's radiant rays of sunlight. The air was thick, a theme not unusual with this place. It gave a sense of spookiness to the base, as if there was something worth discovering here. Gibraltar, such beauty bestowed on it as the sun rose. I, Vince, a private detective, was called here by the british government from reports of soldiers and citizens vanishing and acting weird. I was intrigued to find out what was happening because this Navy base has always been compelling, to say the least.

It was now 7:00 in the morning. I was wandering the base earlier on asking various questions to the men and women on base. A tall, dark figured man walked towards me while I was questioning a fellow soldier of his.

"Hello, I have instructions to take you to the General".

I agreed and went with him.

"Have a seat Vince".

"Thank you sir," I replied with a calm, gentle voice.

The General of the base also happened to be the Governor of the state.

"You've been here for a few days now, have you figured anything out?"

"No sir, seems like nobody knows what's going on."

"Now you understand I am missing 12 men and a few are in the clinic mumbling all sorts of nonsense. I need to know what's going on."

"I assure you I will figure it out, just let me talk to those men."

"*sigh* Very well, you can go ahead and speak to them."

The Captain wouldn't allow me to speak to them prior to our meeting. He probably thought that they were too weak minded and fragile to interact with a detective and answer questions. Even so, I had to find out what was going on.

I arrived at the clinic a little past 7:30. Amongst the nurses and doctors there were men assorted in various beds aligned against the east and west walls. Some of them were sleeping, while others laid awake staring at the ceiling as if they were looking at something intriguing. I approached one.

"What do you see?"


"What happened to you?"


"Well, no such luck, I'll be on my way then and..."

"Heracles," the man muttered under his breath.

"Heracles? What do you mean?"

"..." The man slowly closed his eyes and gently turned his head to the side.

Heracles. I had no idea what he meant by that. Heracles. It was the Greek word for Hercules but what did he mean by that?! The question distraught me, so I decided I should head into town and look into a local library.

I sat down at one of the library tables with a massive stack of books pertaining to Greek Mythology, Religion, and History. I scoured through the books but all I could find was myths about the God Hercules, son of Zeus, but nothing with any leading information. However it was mentioned that Hercules was assigned to complete twelve labors as a punishment to murdering his wife and kids. This information intrigued me because of the set amount of soldiers missing. I left the library unsatisfied.

Later on at night, I decided to talk to some of the patients in the clinic again. I made my way to the clinic, but when I got there...

NOTHING! NO ONE! The lights were off and the whole building was deserted. I tried to turn on the lights but they just flickered and suddenly shut off again. I reached for my flashlight, but I couldn't help to think. How can everybody be gone and nobody else notice? What's going on here? I shone the flashlight on the walls and discovered nothing. Something told me to look up, a force which compelled me to look above. Surely enough I shone the light to the ceiling and I discovered something. "Pillars of Zeus' own flesh and blood. Eagle's view on the Strait, the answer lies there." The letters SB were sorted together next to the letter A apart from the phrase, though not close together as to form a word.

I realized something in an instant, the Rock of Gibraltar! It points towards the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean! I now knew what I had to do.

The next day I woke up in the bed of the apartment I was assigned to temporarily sleep in. I was getting ready to head up to the Rock of Gibraltar when I noticed a note on the floor in front of the front door. I picked it up and read: "At Land Is the Destination.".

Damn it, yet another clue I have no idea of.

I put the note in my pocket and proceeded towards my original destination.

I went to the Governor and asked him permission to ascend the Rock of Gibraltar with a Helicopter. I told him about the clue. He agreed.

The view was simply amazing on top of the Rock. The cliff pointed east towards the Strait. Nearly the whole rock, known as Mons Calpe, was covered with nature like bushes, plants, and a local wildlife of primates. I gazed towards the east on the highest point of this invincible mountain but I saw nothing of interest. All I knew was a direction to look and that was all. I decided that there was not much of a point of being here so I headed back down to the Helicopter (The Helicopter was only able to reach about 1,100 feet up on the rock, I had to hike the other 200 or so feet up).

I went back to the apartment, only to find another note on the floor. This one read: "At Land Is the Spartel Bank."

Once again I was dumbfounded by the lack of knowledge I had of the clues, but this time I had a name, so I decided to go back to the library. Once at the library I did research on this 'Spartel Bank' and found that it was an island which existed on the Strait of Gibraltar but sank over 12,000 years ago. I was confused, I had no idea where this was heading. From the notions of Hercules to the clues which pointed me to the Spartel Bank. Where had these people disappeared to? I went back to place the books on the aisle and that's when I saw it, Timaeus and Critias by Plato.

"At Land Is.."

I now knew what it meant!

I rushed back to the base with a head full of thoughts. As I entered I realized it was empty. No one was there, everyone...was gone! I ascended up the Rock of Gibraltar as fast as I can, this time without the luxury of a Helicopter. I finally made it to the peak and as I looked out to the east towards the Strait, I couldn't believe my eyes! Is that where they all went? What drove them there? Could that be? The sunken. The legendary...