Ramond's vision was blurred red as blood spattered on his face. His partner's blood. His friend's blood. The disoriented man knew of nothing to do in this situation. His partner laid dead on the floor, sliced wide open by sharp claws, he was helpless to attack, all out of ammo, and scared to death. They certainly didn't teach you that at the academy.

He did what he had to do. He unsteadily rose to his feet and ran for their black SUV. The grown man pulled back tears at the thought of leaving his best friend for the first time since he could remember, but it had to be done. Jeffery was dead, and no man could fix that. He shoved the keys into the ignition with a shaky hand and the sound of the car vibrating to life put Ramond's nerves on edge once again. He quickly went full throttle into reverse, not bothering to look behind him worried the beast may be waiting for him. He had no control over himself as his mind crashed under the wait of the past couple of moments, but his hands held steady to the wheel from years of experience. He was racing home, that's all he knew, but that comforting thought was shoved into the back of his racing mind as he drove on through the night.

This was the worst driving he had ever done, since he was swerving to avoid every shaft of darkness in the road. This was going to be a horrifying night, fore it had already turned so. But what would the poor 37-year-old say to everyone when he returned covered in Jeffery's blood and his life long buddy wasn't with him as always? That a monster had killed him...?

~The Next Day...~

"So let me get this straight, honey," said Ramond's wife, Heather,"Jeffery's dead and a clawed, beastly monster killed him?" she questioned. Her husband nodded as he silently sipped at his coffee, trying not to get burned because his hands were trembling.

His wife shook her head in sadness, she knew Ramond would never be the same again. "You know what," she said trying to lift his spirits," you should try and capture the killer! You've been a cop for years, I know you can do it." she encouraged.

"That is a good idea," Ramond said, looking up from his steamy mug," but, I can't find the killer. I don't know how, since we usually leave those up to the upperclassmen."

"Then ask them, I bet they'll happy to help an old friend." Heather agreed.

"No, I don't want the force learning about this until I've got the killer ready for custody." Ramond thought aloud. "I need to hire some detectives, and trust me, they don't have to be professional."

Heather gasped and Ramond tensed as his nerves tightened. Had the monster followed him home? Would it hurt his wife? He stopped such thoughts as Heather held up the newspaper, her red French nail pointing to an ad. "Bane & Young Detectives of the Supernatural" The names quickly caught his eyes, and the word 'Supernatural' surely got him hooked. Reading further he discovered their address, not too far from here..., he thought to himself.

He quickly clipped the ad from the Daily, grabbed his coat and went out to his car. He backed out of the driveway and looked down at the address, keeping the picture in his mind to replace the scene from the night before. If these men couldn't clear up Ramond's mind of the killer monster, no one could...

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