This was written after I found out about a brother of a boy I once knew that was shot and killed last night in Georgia. I can't believe it. Prayers to their family, everyone?

The world is such a gruesome busy place

where as we can hardly know our own neighbors

much less expect to know the face to the title

of the kid who just got shot

And you mourn for this human

that you know nothing about

and forget him- yes it's tragic, but c'est la vie

and you'll hum with sympathy if

your friend's cousin's boyfriend's younger sister's best friend knew him

because someone has to have known them somehow, right?

but it's not real

Even in your own city

When you can walk past the house where a father

murdered his own children

or drive slower past

the place in the bend of the road

where two girls flipped their car and drowned

and maybe you'll cry

but you can't know

and you'll cry harder when your grandmother dies

but no one writes news stories on old people who have strokes

People care but news papers don't clamber on investigating

something that's beginning to be natural

Or you'll feel broken inside when a parent of a friend dies

but that doesn't hit the news either; maybe in his circle of work

cancer isn't anything new

But when you know-when you once knew- a person they call a man

(But he's really only 19; too young for something like this)

And they have news stories and TV programs

That reach you even a couple states away (half because you go looking

because no; no your friend had to be joking when he told you)

It shatters something

When you knew this older brother of a kid from your middle school days

(mind you a class of 18 that bonded like we were all siblings, and siblings of friends were just as close)

And he's not just a name and an age or a statistic

He was real

He loved music and made his own, he went to college

he had friends that went to Taco Bell and he joked around

He had a face and a life and a mother who wonders why

and a goddamn girlfriend who sobs

because he was heroic and got shot in the safety of his own house

where you believe nothing can touch you (But you're wrong;

and you don't realize until this happens)

through his head

not even clean

bleeding out at a local hospital

and there was nothing to be done

When it no longer is personal, it's news that the public wants to hear

and even though you never knew him

you want to claim that he was there

he's not nameless

he's not faceless

and he most certainty did not leave

without reminding us that he was here

and the worst things

are unforgettable

R.I.P Chris Walker. I'm sure you will never be forgotten.