Romeo and Juliet

It takes these bloody eyes to realise,
That the real tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
Lies not in their deaths,
Or in the brutality of their cut-throat lives,
But in the truth that had they lived to survive,
They would have killed each other,

Each would have bled the other dry,
Drowning in a love
Ill-founded on declarations
No more constant than the winter sky,
And its oh so changeable moon.

Even if they had lived,
If they had escaped fair Verona -
Fled the scene -
They would have destroyed themselves;
They would have ceased to mean
To each other.

I've seen it happen so many times before;
I've seen lovers and friends
Settle the score.

He, with his words so delectably trite
And heart so fiendishly fickle,
Would have twisted Juliet around his mind so many times,
She'd lose her fight,
Lose her urge to flight.

And he would have taken everything
She was willing to give;
She would have died over and over
Just to let him live.
Whilst she shunned poor Paris,
Sleeping offstage,
Waiting to escape
His minion's cage.

And she would have bled the blood
From every single one of his veins;
She would have harvested his love,
Grown in autumn rains.

She was a little girl,
In love with love,
Dreaming of peace –
That naïve white dove.

And he should have known better,
Than to break her and bend her,
To find what he was looking for.

And they would have fought tooth and nail,
To save what was lost –
A love they'd forgotten to feel,
A love with a cost
Far too high to comprehend.

And when he died,
She may have indeed cut his face out
Into little stars,
So that all the world would be in love with night,
But she would have welcomed
The garish light,
And shunned the starry sky.

And then she would have sunk into the sunlight
And melted away into a shadow
Of herself.

She wouldn't have been able to live without him,
In the same way as
She couldn't have lived with him.

I've seen it before.

They would have torn themselves,
And each other apart;
It is far better they remain
As depicted in art:

Star-crossed young lovers,
Too young to die,
And far too young to know
The reasons why,
It is better that way.

Romeo and Juliet had a lucky escape.