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Prologue: Fall of Starhowl.

Starhowl city…large, majestic, elegant, and strong all in one-and yet where peace should rule in the lands of Wolvaria darkness and tension hold sway here alone now. Death was on the wing and everyone Wolvarian and Human could feel it and braced for what was to come.

A grey wolf was standing beside the window of the great castle that stood in the center of the great city with its large walls nearly out of sight of the keep, a show of the number of warriors inside alone who each and every one of them would lay down their lives to defend those inside.

At the main gates of the city one could still see two statues; one was made of pure silver and showed a beautiful female wolf carrying a bow with an arrow on the string and with her pulling it slightly back and her eyes staring toward the south where the main gates where located. The other was a pure gold with his body facing at angle from the other so they were both at an angle to each other but their backs were facing each other. This one was carrying a katana in his right hand with his hand on the butt of the hilt and the point buried in the ground while carrying his shield in his left hand raised to his chest with his eyes facing to the east.

These were the statues of Lupus and Luna. The Wolvarians tribute them both; their gods, one of light and one of darkness, both in harmony with each other, and both giving their lives to ensure the peace between humanity and wolves would remain for millennia by making a pact with their god to fight against the darkness that had arisen so long ago…neither of them survived the war, though the wolves, their son, and many of their allies did survive.

As a sign of his gratitude to them for their sacrifice in his cause he made them both the god and goddess of all wolves. Not one person said anything. He had been confused at this until one wolf raised his head to the heavens and howled long and loud to the grey dawn and the other wolves joined in; howling in their gratitude to the lives that had been lost and to their monarchs who would stand for them and protect them all forever.

The grey snorted as the age old story that had been taught and told throughout the generations told pup after pup. He was tired of hearing it. Not so much he wasn't thankful but because it left out one small detail in the story, one that he was carrying around his neck at that very moment.

One of which was that both Lupus and Luna were given a realm that represented them. Lupus marched to the sun while Luna marched to the moon where they both watch over their people. Though the only time they see each other is during the solar eclipse now.

But to the pact, the item he had created to symbolize the pact between man and wolf was an amulet. Lupus and Luna were given the chance to choose what the insignia for it would be and they both crafted into the surface of the amulet of a humans hand and a wolf's paw clasped in friendship.

The one thing that was never said in the books and tablets of that age was that if the amulet was destroyed then the pact would be destroyed.

The grey raised his hand to his chest and pulled out an amulet, worn with age and yet retaining its luster from when it was first created from under his shirt where it was hidden.

He studied it closely remembering when he was chosen as its guardian. To ensure that the peace would remain…oh it wasn't always peaceful and he was certainly not the first guardian. A few of whom died defending the amulet and ensuring no one had it at a few points.

It had been lost twice in the history of its making, which had been the guardian of that time last throw of the dice to ensure its safety. It had been found both times and now was always under a constant vigil by the guardian of this era.

With a sigh he put the amulet back under his shirt and leaned on the sill when a burly figure leaned on the sill next to him and said, "You think they will really try it Lucerian?" The man said.

Lucerian looked at his friend side long. He was large for a human; wearing chainmail armor with a red beard and hair. On his back was a war-hammer that was made only for war and nothing else. And the evidence was there from the dried blood that was caked on it.

He sighed in exasperation and weariness,

"I don't see why not old friend. Jacob if there is one thing I can say about the Harrkorians and the Lorganas; it's that they are VERY persistent!" he said with a growl at the word persistent.

Jacob looked at his friend with concern and said, "They wouldn't be able to get through the wall. They just don't have the numbers and they know it. I highly doubt they'll try anything; they can't risk a full scale assault on the city. Look at that." He said gesturing to the walls of the vast city where one could barely see the line of defenders marching along the walls, vigilant for any attackers.

Then Jacob turned back to his friend and said with a half-smile, "And that's not even counting the warriors, mages, and archers; not to mention the small army of War-eye Beast Masters that are at this very moment matching to join us!" he said with a broad small to even which Lucerian had to give a small smile.

He smiled but with a rueful smile and said, "Maybe your right. Maybe they will try something and we will defeat them all and we can enjoy the peace once more without all this talk about war and death…but I still need to calm down in peace and quiet. I'll be in the library." Lucerian said and headed down the hall to the library.

Jacob watched his friend leave and started to feel a small smile on his face thinking, 'Well, I know of one person you would definitely want with you, and I know she's looking for you to tell you something important, may as well send her your way mate.'

"Sir what did you say?" Jacob heard behind him and turned to look at a Wolfguard solider right behind him with an inquisitive look on his face.

Jacob cleared his throat and said, "Nothing solider, just saying my mind out loud. Now, get to your post and keep a sharp eye out for those idiots who are trying to take our city." And after the solider saluted with his spear and walked down the hall Jacob headed to the archery range knowing the person who was there would be able to get Lucerian out of his slump.

Lucerian walked into the vast library of the sun and the moon where rows upon rows of shelves stood bearing millions of books, tablets, and ancient texts dating all the way back to the founding of the first wolf to the present of the current high chief.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply smelling the scents of thousands upon thousands of creatures who have walked these shelves. Some as fresh as only a second ago while others as old as the great star wolf himself.

He felt a small smile flit across his face and opened them and continued through, seeing tables with young and old alike filled with reading and quite debate and other conversations. This was a place of quiet contemplation and learning. It was open to everyone be they peasant or noble.

That was one of the reasons why he loved it here so much, because here alone everyone is equal so long as they hear each other out and don't cause any trouble.

As he took his seat in an undisclosed area alone in the library he looked to the middle to see a small stack of books and grabbed the top one smiling as he beheld the golden crisp cover where in bright red was written, 'The Lamentations of Dorjun the Strong' and opened to the first page.

As he read time seemed to float by and as the sun lifted and shifted in the sky the ceiling became illuminated to reveal a large circle in the air, this was designed to give illumination to the library and since it wasn't actually fire, there was no danger to the books. Magic was used to capture the sun's rays and illuminated the library though when it was night the ball of light turned to a silver light giving off a calm and soft illumination showing those inside when the time was as well.

As he closed the book and looked at the ceiling he closed his eyes and judged from how it was shining on him that it was near dusk and sighed and decided to read at least one scroll before leaving and reopened his eyes and leaned forward to grab a scroll when suddenly darkness went over his eyes and felt hands on them causing him to tense up until he heard a feminine voice with a distinct Warclaw accent say,

"Guess who." With a hint of laughter in her voice, hearing her voice and knowing exactly who it was Lucerian calmed down and relaxed saying,

"Hmm. I'm guessing it is Isabel Swiftarrow. Correct?" he said with a smile which was rewarded with a kiss on his cheek and his eyes free to see now and turned around to see a light grey she wolf wearing leather armor that had very little metal on it save on the shoulders and chest.

He chuckled and said, "What are you doing here my love? I thought you were practicing in the range." To which she smiled and moved to the other side of the table sitting down saying,

"Oh I was, and then Jacob came by and said you needed some more company than these old dusty tomes." She said waving at the thousands of books and shelves around them causing him to chuckle and smile.

"I guess that is true." He said leaning forward taking her hand which she takes as well and leans forward as well and they kissed across the table releasing two minutes later looking into each other's eyes.

"I love you Isabel." He said with a smile and she smiled back and kissed his nose and whispered, "I love you as well Lucerian."

That caused an even larger smile to appear on his face and he found the next few hours of daylight left talking to her about the situation of the Harrkorians and the army of renegade humans supposedly marching toward them until the light turned to silver and he looked up to see it was time to leave causing him to sigh, this talk with his Isabel released much of the tension in him and he said,

"I wish it were still day." And looked at Isabel who had a look on her face that told him she had something planned.

She leaned a little closer and whispered, "Ah, but it doesn't have to end just yet my love." And then she got up motioning with her finger for him to follow her and he smiled in anticipation at what was to come and followed.

When they got to quarters in the castle and they both walked in and Lucerian closed the door locking it and turned around he was grabbed and pushed against the door feeling Isabel put her arms around his shoulders kissing him deeply to which he responded closing his eyes and putting his arms around her waist.

They released gasping for breath looking into each other's eyes, he into her dark brown eyes and her into his grey eyes and tore off their armor off of each other feeling each other and Lucerian grabbing her and going over to the bed landing on it with her underneath with their muzzles locked.

The moon shone through the window at the two casting a silver glow for the remainder of the night.

The sun rose with the dawn to shine lightly onto Lucerian and Isabel to find them under their covers with Isabel on her lover and Lucerian on his back both with bright smiles on each other's faces.

Isabel moved her head under his chin slightly and he felt this and the sun coming into his eyes causing him to open them and squint until his eyes adjusted to the light and he looked down to his the love of his life on top of him causing him to smile at how the sun shined on her fur and felt her shift slightly as she too was waking and saw her eyes open which lit up when she saw him and they both smiled at each other from what happened last night.

"Sleep well?" he asked still carrying his smile, to which she giggled and responded,

"With how you acted last night, if I didn't get sleep I'd be the most tired female this side of Starhowl." She said kissing him on the cheek to which he kissed her on the lips and they both wrapped their arms around each other and began going into it again when Isabel heard something and said putting her hand on Lucerian's chest saying, "Wait, do you hear that?" and Lucerian listened intently and outside heard shouting as well as a whistling sound which he recognized and quickly covered her rolling off the bed which caused a sharp exclamation from Isabel just before a boulder crashed through the window nearly hitting them and covering them in debris but they were safe.

They got up quickly grabbing their gear and strapping them on quickly while Lucerian located the amulet and his twin sabers which he sheathed quickly and put on the amulet and then grabbed his helmet with a face guard that went over his muzzle leaving two eye slots giving him a barbaric appearance.

Isabel had found her bow and after adjusting the breast plate on her armor they both ran to the hole in the wall and looked out.

"By Lupus…" Isabel whispered as they beheld a scene straight from hell itself. The west side of the city was on fire with civilians running to get away from the fires and the enemy warriors that were streaming in through the open and crushed gate, the defenders barely capable of keeping them back.

The east side from what they could see was in similar peril. The only sign of organization and control was the south main gate and wall where from what they could barely see was being held being Wolvarians and tigers and the remnants of the guards there.

Both Lucerian and Isabel looked at each other and Lucerian said,

"Thank Lupus and Luna that at least the War-eye was capable of getting here."

"Agreed…Lucerian, I'm going to join them and ensure that the main gate is held and that the War-eye have a little extra muscle as well as the civilians escape."

Lucerian pursed his lips and then said, "Alright, just be careful please, I can't lose you and yet still live." looking at her.

She smiled and then went to him and kissed him on the lips and said, "I'm never going to leave you, you're the one who's going to have to be careful…I love you Lucerian."

Lucerian felt a pressure behind his eyes and said, "I love you Isabel." And she smiled again to hear that and seemed to want to say more but then a light entered her eyes and she said, "Well we're not going to be keeping Starhowl just standing around here. You take back the castle, I'll get to the War-eye." And with that she ran to the hole and jumped out with Lucerian running after her stopping at the hole and seeing her running down a side ally toward the main gate.

"Be safe." Lucerian whispered when something crashed through his door and he turned quickly to see two Harrkorians standing over a dead warrior.

"Well, well, well if it isn't Lucerian Greyheart. How about you make this easy on us and hand over the amulet and we'll kill you quickly." The big brute said with a viscous grin obviously attempting to scare Lucerian while his companion was in the back with an equally savage grin.

Lucerian sighed heavily; he hated it when his opponents underestimated him simply because he was a full grey. They acted like they couldn't fight at all…and to their horror were proven wrong.

Lucerian punched out with his hand launching a fire wave that killed the one in front and knocked the other back into the wall in the hall.

He struggled to get back up till he was sitting up but felt the tip of a sword point at his throat and looked at the heavy sabers blade and followed it up till he was looking at the hate filled eyes of Lucerian who growled out,

"Tell your masters, I'm coming for them next." and then plunged the sword into the Harrkorians throat killing him within seconds spilling blood along the edge of the saber as he pulled it back out with ease as the light cast a ghostly visage on the blade, gone was Lucerian the kind.

Lucerian the Savage was alive.

He turned quickly as he heard running from both sides and saw four more Harrkorians on both sides of the hall when they saw him one of them yelled pointing,

"There he is! Kill him!" and both charged at him with a yell.

Lucerian sighed again at their stupidity and spun around pulling his other saber out in the same movement and with the moment of the pull parried the two swords that were coming at him and twisted the one that was on his left sword out of his hand which dived for his blade while Lucerian took his sword in his left hand and stabbed his enemy in the throat and turned again slicing his right sword at the one who had dived for his weapon across his throat.

Lucerian felt movement behind him and moved to the side barely missing a thrust for his back and turned around taking him foe and holding him by the throat as his ally killed him with a thrust to his chest and he looked shocked and Lucerian came up with his sword in his left hand striking his last enemy across his skull knocking him off balance and on the ground with his hand across his face to protect him.

Lucerian threw the dead body he had used as a shield to the side and stood above the cowering warrior at his feet with a blank expression.

The warrior wouldn't look at Lucerian as he said begging, "Please lord, mercy, please by Lupus let me live."

He looked at Lucerian who had lifted his sword up to finish him off but stopped the moment the Harrkorian said Lupus's name.

The Harrkorian looked at Lucerian hoping he would let him live but his hope was cut short as Lucerian dropped both swords and grabbed him by the chest guard and bit down hard on his neck feeling the struggling Harrkorian's blood drench his teeth and seep down his throat as his life blood drained from his body.

When he finally stopped struggling Lucerian let go of him hearing his corpse fall to the ground caused Lucerian to smile wide revealing his blood stained teeth as he growled out to the now dead Harrkorian,

"There's the mercy of Lupus you wretch, he only shows mercy to those who deserve it. Not to murders of innocents. You dared stand against the savage; I was going to give you a warrior's death as I have to every foe I've fought…save those like you who believe Lupus would show you any mercy for everything you've done. To the depths with you." He said stooping he grabbed both his swords when he heard even more running from the left side of the hall with a growl of frustration he turned to face the new enemies only to be confronted by a small group of guards who the moment they saw him saluted with their weapons and yelled, "Hail guardian!"

Lucerian smiled and saluted yelling, "Hail warriors! What is the situation sergeant?" he said to the warrior in the lead who beckoned for him to follow and Lucerian followed as the men closed up around them as the sergeant explained, "Sir, we were capable of retaking most of the castle save for a few areas but we've been completely cut off from any other help and the War-eye are starting to fall back out of the city with almost all of the civilians…save those who were cut down by these cowards." The sergeant growled out the last sentence.

Lucerian had a flash of worry for Isabel but dispelled it. She knew what she was doing and was already on the way to them before they probably began their retreat, she'll be out of the city which he was fine with, it meant she was out of harm's way for he had a suspicion about something about her and if he was right he would rather her be away from the city and in hiding till he came for her himself.

But he pushed that from his mind as the sergeant said with a tight voice, "But sir, there's no way out for us."

Lucerian didn't show any emotions and remembered the dream he had from last night, the vision that was shared with him and he closed his eyes knowing what was going to happen and aloud a single tear to escape and reopened his eye's to reveal anger in their midst and asked the sergeant, "Do we have the moon garden under our control?"

The sergeant saw the tear but knew better than to question it, "Yes sir. It's where most of our forces are as we speak."

"Take me there." Lucerian said and the sergeant saluted and led the way to the moon garden.

The moon garden was once a beautiful place full of moon lilies, oak, pine, and other types of trees. As well as many hundreds of flowers that survived on the moons rays alone. It was a tribute to Luna, the moon goddess and mate to the great star wolf Lupus.

And now it had trenches and barricades and wounded in it, many of the trees where cut down to make even more barricades. Traps, both mundane and magical were placed in front of the area where their base camp was.

Lucerian looked around the small group of soldiers seeing they were scared but willing to put down their lives to protect this castle but he already knew how this was going to end and they knew how it was going to end as well. Even now they could hear a few traps going off and seeing a few Harrkorians fall to the ground dead.

He sighed in resignation but made it seem more like he was sighing in anticipation. He knew he was the highest ranking person here the moment he got to where there were three wolves each with a Omicron sign on their shoulders…wait, omicron?

Lucerian looked at the three wolves and realized they were beast masters as well though their large tigers were nowhere in sight but then these lot could be the ones who can fight without an animal at their backs. The two swords on their backs would hint to this.

One of them looked up as Lucerian approached at stood moving around his companions and approached with his hand held out in greeting which Lucerian returned.

The Omicron spoke saying, "Sir, my name is Omicron Captain Lorgak. We were a part of the beast master troop that was sent from Warpaw city to support Starhowl. We put up defenses as much as we could…I just wish we didn't have to tear up this garden to do that." He said ruefully though it was obvious pressed with either his life or a tree he was going to choose his life.

Lucerian shrugged, "Well with how it's going out here, I say we don't have much of a choice, I doubt Luna would be upset."

Lorgak nodded and said, "Sir since you're the guardian, and we may not come out of this, and we know how these guys like the pact. You're in charge." He said and went over to stand by the other two who were standing as well.

Lucerian looked around him as the others took notice of his presence and turned to address them.

He saw each and every one of them was scared but determined to fight. And he knew that speeches were not for him.

He raised his sword up over his head and said, "Warriors of Starhowl! We may be few, against the Harrkorians! We may not have the numbers they have!" and here he slashed downward into the ground causing the ground to shift slightly and stone barricades to come out from the ground around the soldiers.

They looked around and then back to Lucerian who lifted his head up from striking the ground.

He looked around the entire ring of soldiers staring at every one of them seeing the fear gone…and those mages who could use the fear element grinning viciously. They all knew we wouldn't be getting out of this alive, but they were going to make every Harrkorian fall for this.

Lucerian nodded to them all and said, "Now get to your positions! This is going to be a blood bath and it's going to be filled with the blood of our enemies before the light of day is gone!" and as he yelled this all of the warriors nodded but as Lorgak walked past he grabbed his shoulder and pulled him to the side along with the other two Omicrons.

Some of the soldiers then saw Lorgak leave quietly with a stealth spell cloaking him the moment he hit the trees. They wondered about it and asked Lucerian where he was going and is all he said was, "Making sure I promise I kept. Is kept." And they left it alone from what they had seen in his eyes and prepared for the battle that was to come.

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