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Chapter 1: Lucerian's fall

Isabel landed on the ground and got up running into the nearest side ally she could see. When she got in the shadows she turned back to see Lucerian standing at the hole looking after her and she even saw his mouth move though she couldn't hear him she knew he was hoping she would be safe.

Then he turned sharply and seemed to be paying attention to something else but she didn't stay to find out what and ran along the ally barely missing a stray arrow she saw coming at her and ducked while running.

She stayed inside of the ally for as long as possible and found herself near the mouth of one of side streets leading to the main gate of Starhowl but this was full of enemies, one of which was right at the mouth of the ally and she had her back to Isabel.

While her target was distracted she crept up behind her looking left and right seeing that all of the other enemies in the street were similarly distracted.

She silently snuck up behind her opponent taking out a garrote hidden in her armor and silently got up lopping it around her neck feeling her tense up immediately and pulled her back as she tried to cry out for help as she struggled for breath causing a gagging sound which only succeeding in making Isabel tightened the loop further to the point blood started to flow from her neck as her struggles caused the loop to close even more on her neck till after a couple of minutes after Isabel dragged her into the ally she fell limp…dead.

Isabel took the garrote off around her enemy's neck and stored it in the secret compartment her armor and then she checked for a pulse on the dead Harrkorian and feeling none noticed she carried a long sword and dirk which she commandeered off of her corpse and placing them on her own empty sheathes she had for the weapons.

Isabel was surprised but delighted to feel the weapons felt completely balanced and that they fit into the sheaths on sides perfectly for a change. She rarely fought with melee weapons and so didn't carrying them and even then only really using a sword and dagger of some kind.

She then looked up at the sound of feet coming her way so she went into a little ally that was next to her and headed down ally till she found herself on the main street and saw several Lorganas and Harrkorians fighting against a patrol of Wolvarian warriors and mages and rangers of about twenty-five of them holding out inside of a blacksmith's shop.

The mages and rangers were on the roof cast spells and firing arrow after arrow at the mass of thirty enemies on the ground who were taking cover against the onslaught of attacks.

Isabel saw a way to give the warriors some support and took off her bow placing an arrow on the string pulling it back and sighted down it at the center of the enemy forces and focused her anger into the one shot until the arrow head glowed, an eerie red and fired it.

The result was devastating.

The moment the arrow struck the target she was aiming for-an enemy archer standing to return fire at an archer on the roof- it exploded killing five of those near the body and showering the others with his remains causing those around them to back away in shock.

The warriors inside took this momentary confusion to their advantage and charge out of the blacksmith shop screaming the age old Canis clan war-cry.

"For clan and honor!" and struck the enemy knocking many down on the ground and began engaging those who still stand. The ones on the ground were taken down by a small group of Shadow Wolves who stabbed them with their Sear'gar daggers as they were down.

She saw three charging at her and she took one down with the arrow she had on her bowstring and tossed it to the side taking out the dirk and stepped to the side as the second nearest one attempted to thrust at her she plunged the dirk into the man's side causing him to gasp in pain.

She then kicked him in the stomach sending him into his companion where she and he fell onto the ground. The Harrkorian threw her lifeless companion off of her and attempted to rise but was stopped by the dirk being thrown into her heart where she dropped onto the cobblestones on the street to never rise again.

Isabel turned away from the two dead enemies and leaned down and picked up her bow once more shouldering it and then went and tore out the dirk out of the dead she wolf.

She heard footsteps beside her and looked over to see a battle weary captain of the guard beside her who was breathing hard to fight back her battle rage for it was obvious she was one of the War-eye.

"Ma'am," She said as she recognized the Wolvarian royal insignia of the Canis clan, a human hand holding a wolf's paw in friendship. Only a fool would dare ware the insignia if they were not a part of the guard.

"What are your orders?" the captain asked Isabel.

Isabel took a moment to take stock of the situation and the more she looked around the city from the position she was in and from what she saw she knew that the main target was Lucerian…not the city.

She pursed her lips realizing Lucerian knew that was going to happen and had wanted her out of the majority of harm's way, and now she had to get out of the city and hope that he would be safe but if he planned this she knew he believed he wasn't coming out of it alive.

She steeled her heart knowing there was nothing she could do now for him other than survive.

Isabel turned promptly to the captain saying, "Get your troops in order captain, we're join the War-eye at the main gate getting as many survivors out as possible." She said placing another arrow on her bowstring as the captain began shouting out orders.

Isabel took one last look at the castle and said under her breath, "Lupus guard Lucerian…he's all I have left." And then lead the way to the main gate.

Lorgak stayed long enough to see the first wave strike the defenders and knew that there was no hope. His brothers said they wanted him to live, Lucerian gave him the excuse to leave…it didn't mean he liked the idea.

He snapped the neck of the Harrkorian that was in front of him and ran down the street seeing a Lorgana walk around the corner of the street and as he did he didn't see Lorgak charge him biting through the thin layer of leather protecting her skin as the human laid dead a second later on the cobblestones.

He ducked inside of an ally way waiting for a small patrol of six Harrkorians and Lorganas, three of each and in the middle of them were two children, one human and one Wolvarian. As well as a Wolvarian guard who appeared to be badly beaten, obviously was trying to protect the two children who were silently crying following right behind him.

Lorgak growled lightly and followed them thinking about why he needed to deliver this ring to one she wolf named Isabel. He should be fighting beside his brothers alongside with the guardian but he was told to get out of there. The amulet he could understand for it was important but instead he gave him this ring.

Lorgak was right behind the lot and before they could get into a nearby square he launched a wave of darkness from his hand which engulfed them all causing them all to start to cough violently as Lorgak snapped a Lorgana's neck and then took out both of his daggers stabbing the two nearest to him in the back and they fell without a sound and the killed two more in a similar manner and then allowed the dark mist to dissipate with his dagger held to the last Harrkorian's throat.

The Harrkorian coughed once and then looked down to see a dagger at his throat and then looked up into Lorgak's eyes which blazed with hatred and then opened his mouth only to hear Lorgak say,

"Only a coward would ever go after children, only a coward would ever beat a child, only a coward would ever harm the innocent and kill them with glee…you encompass everything I hate." And the Lorgak grabbed the front of the wolf's hauberk and pulled him onto the knife and the quickly took it out and plunged it into the center of the wolf's chest taking it out again and allowing the body to fall to the ground once more.

Lorgak turned to see the guard cutting the two children's bonds and then picked up a claymore that one of the patrols was carrying and shouldered it saluting saying, "Reporting for duty sir." His voice a little slurred from a fat lip but the light of vengeance in his eyes made certain he wasn't about to let a few bruises get in his way.

Lorgak motioned to the two children and said, "We're getting those two to the main gates and getting out of here…the cities lost." And the wolf nodded and turned to the children and said,

"You two stay beside us and if there is any trouble hide and wait for it to end unless we are surrounded in which case stay beside us…understood?" and they both nodded.

Lorgak nodded and then led the way with the children right on his heels and the fourth member taking up the rear.

Lorgak would sooner die than see either of these two hurt by the hands of the Harrkorians or the Lorganas.

They made their way surprisingly safely to the gate to find dead Harrkorians left and right and a few guards here and there as well as a dead beast master tiger that had its armor removed from it in the fashion of a beast master would show to his or hers dead ally.

"What could've happened here?" Lorgak muttered to himself and once he got to the colossal gate of the city he saw many of his fellow War-eye standing poised for action.

While standing in front of them was a wolf wearing bright steel plate armor with a giant claymore with the point grounded into the cobblestones with his hands on the pommel of the sword and on the breastplate was a insignia of a wolf's eye upon a sword…The symbol of the War-eye clan itself.

And in that instance Lorgak knew exactly who he was facing and immediately lowered his ears and motioned for the three behind him to leave through the gate. No one challenged them as the warrior led the two children out of the city.

Lorgak came forward before the metal clad wolf and said, "My lord, what are your orders?" and the figure put a hand on Lorgak's shoulder saying,

"Stand warrior, on a battlefield is not the time to kneel."

Lorgak stood and looked at chieftain War-eye…the first chieftain of the War-eye clan.

"Yes sir." Lorgak said when suddenly an explosion was heard behind him and he was knocked to the ground. After the initial explosion he turned to see a small group of warriors, mages, archers, and the like holding off a large patrol of Harrkorians savages with a light grey she wolf at their head holding them off.

Lorgak felt War-eye lift him up on his feet and yell at the war-call of the War-eye clan, "First into the fray the last to leave!" and he found himself charging into the fight alongside the revered chieftain and crashed in alongside him into the enemy who were soon dispersed with only a few running for their lives.

Lorgak was panting from the run standing next to the light grey she wolf and his chieftain who turned to the she wolf and said, "You, what is your name?" he asked.

After regaining her breath the she wolf saluted and said, "Lord, my name is Isabel Swiftarrow of the palace guard." To which War-eye's eyebrow lifted in a gesture of disbelief that he was facing a Swiftarrow.

"You're the Swiftarrow?!" War-eye said in astonishment.

Isabel's eyes narrowed and she said, "Yes that's me…have a problem my lord?" she said with only the barest hint of a growl in her voice. She didn't like it when people connected her with what her grandfather had tried to do years ago. She worked hard to get to her position in life and it wasn't easy in the least with half of the country believing your there only to kill the high chief or the guardian.

War-eye realized he had said the wrong thing and quickly tried to save himself when suddenly they were all knocked down by a giant upheaval from the castle causing the very stronghold to crumble.

Then it seemed a great fire radiated from the castle causing massive destruction to the city while every warrior retreated out of the city with War-eye yelling the retreat.

Isabel was the only one not leaving…she was on her feet looking at the once great citadel of the Wolvarian nation as it crumpled and felt any kinship with humanity vanish meaning the whole pact had been destroyed and that could only mean one thing.

That the Amulet was destroyed and along with it…Lucerian.

Isabel stood there as both Lorgak and War-eye grabbed her as she screamed his name aloud wanting to run to him, to prove that he was alive, but they wouldn't let her go.

War-eye and Lorgak were trying to get her to come as she fought tooth and nail to get to the castle,

"Let me go! He can't be dead, he can't!" she yelled out constantly until finally War-eye looked from the flames, to the destroyed castle, to the she wolf remembering his brother he whispered,

"I'm sorry Lucerian." and knocked Isabel out by punching the back of her head and with Lorgak's help made it out of the crumpling city as both sides ran from the flames but for the Harrkorians and Lorganas it was in victory as they charged home.

At last the clouds let loose their rain onto the once great city of Starhowl.

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