Chapter 2: New Order

Time passed, lives lost, friendships ended, hope gone. No one knows precisely what happened to cause the destruction of the amulet, but even as the Wolvarians and remnants of humanity on Wolvaria retreated further back from the onslaught of the Harrkorians and the Lorganas.

In that time though is when wolves feel the absence of their allies and grab their weapons and shields to march against the darkness. As the War-eye further retreated the remaining clans and humans of Wolvaria met up with them and marched back to the Harrkorians and fought them back.

With that they began to rebuild, Isabel went to the War-eye and the chieftain even took her as his wife, one reason for it he once told her he had promised to Lucerian, his brother, that he would protect her if anything were to happen to him.

The other reason was that she had borne Lucerian's only son whom she named Vladimir, though most only called the dark grey pup Vlad and she needed someone to help grow Vladimir into adulthood. There was love between Isabel and War-eye but still their relationship was slightly strained but that was to expect.

When Vladimir grew into adulthood and his step father grew old and weary he took the mantel of chieftain of the War-eye clan with honor, building the clan into a stronger and even more united clan than before, he began making a corps known as the Beast Masters Corps who with bow and blade ensured that the law of the War-eye and Wolvaria was carried out and dispensed to the people. They bring the law out to the people and protect the people as well.

Isabel had grown old and her fur turned silver with age, but many still held her to be the most beautiful in all of Wolvaria, her eyes held her age and the scars along her arms also held this in evidence, and though she had lost two loves for War-eye died shortly after Vladimir took the throne of the War-eye she still smiled and remembered them both.

Vladimir found love with a she wolf named Samantha who bore him a son who they named Warthorn who was a bright, cheerful, but head strong young'un who was curious of the world outside of the walls of Warpaw, the War-eye's capital city, for Vladimir would not allow his only son to leave the walls of the Keep in the center of the multi-tiered city.

In fact Warthorn was speaking of the matter to his father right at this minute…

"Dad, that's not the point I'm trying to make even! It's not just out of curiosity I want to explore Warpaw and the outlying villages but it's a personal reason as well!" Warthorn said angrily at his father leaning over the desk in Vladimir's study.

Warthorn was a dark grey wolf all around with dark brown eyes from his mother as he talked to his father who had gained Lucerian's grey eyes and dark grey fur…as well as his glare to boot.

Vladimir would give anything not to have this conversation for he didn't like to get into arguments with his only son but he knew that his head strong son would never let it go until they had this conversation.

Vladimir looked at his son their eyes locked and neither one of them backing down and finally he asked, "And what would your personal reason be?" he added emphasis on the word "Personal".

Warthorn looked at his father taking a deep breath to calm himself and then began saying, "Because, I'm going to end up becoming the clans chieftain one day and I don't need to be told of what the people are living like…I need to see it!" he said slamming the palm of his hand on the desk hard causing the two glasses that were on the desk to jump making a little noise.

Vladimir looked his son in the eyes and then said, "Son…yes you're going to become the clans chieftain after my death, however, you're also my son and because of that you're not leaving War-eye keep! UNDERSTAND?!" he yelled at Warthorn who glared for a minute and then adverted his gaze from that of his fathers and muttered,
"Yes father." And with that Vladimir motioned for his son to leave him be and Warthorn left slamming the door behind him on his way out.

He walked around the keep for a time in a slight rage trying to calm down before he did anything drastic. He ended up walking into the garden out of the keep and put his hand up from the sun glaring into his eyes until they adjusted.

When they did he put his hand down taking in the smells surrounding him closing his eyes to stand there feeling his anger melt out of him into the ground. He continued breathing until he felt all of his anger melt away and opened his eyes to see his grandmother Isabel in front of him with a smile causing him to start in surprise which made her chuckle in amusement.

"Well, well, well what do we have here? Warthorn Drakus War-eye what have you been up to?" which caused him to sigh because he knew she knew precisely the reason why he's here in the garden which caused him to sit on one of the benches in the garden.

"I don't get it." He said as Isabel sat down next to him with a concerned look on her face.

"About what dear?" as she leaned over picking up a flower next to the bench and smelled it and then igniting turning it into ash with a spell, Warthorn watched this fascinated for a few seconds till he realized his grandmother was looking at him waiting for an answer.

He coughed and began, "Why I can't leave. I realize that there are dangers out there in the clan but that is why I want to get out there. So I can see what is wrong in the clan so I can work to fix them when my father dies and I take over the clan. Is that too much to ask for?" he asked his grandmother who was looking at her grandson thinking deeply and then smiling,

"Where would you go if you did leave?" she asked which caught him off guard a little and said,

"Ah, to the outskirts of Warpaw, look at the towns around there and maybe a village around there to see what the situation is down there." He said to which his grandmother was nodding slowly.

"Hmm, you know…tomorrow night is the Lunakin festival, the keep is open to everyone…the guards are less likely to be alert at the gates simply because of the influx of people going in and out." She said giving a conspirator wink at her grandson as she got up and walked away to another part of the garden.

Warthorn sat there for a moment looking in the direction that Isabel went and then looked forward again thinking, 'Did she just give me permission to go?' and then got up thinking that she just did or at least gave him a way to go but either way he wasn't going to give up the chance to go.

A new light entered his eyes…his chance for some adventure has just arrived.
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