Craving for that sweet vengeance
Of seeing me bleeding on the ground
I used to think of you fondly
Like a familiar gripping sound

Turns out you don't do the same
Not that I'm surprised
You're not putting me to shame
I can't say I'm sorry for keeping you deprived

You're sick of constant lies and broken promises
Sick of being used and tortured
You probably imagine strangling me
In that twisted mind of yours

You probably think of beating me
Using an old Nazi method
Until every hurtful plight is multiplied by three
Lying with me in a blood stained death bed

I screwed you over and broke my words
I threw a hit and nailed you where it hurts
I took your pain and twisted it worse
I'd be shocked if you didn't imagine my ride in a hearse

But here's the thing, I can say that I'm sorry I hurt you
That I could've done better than what I used to do
You hang to a grudge like it's your only food
And sip on the pain that fuels through

You can hang on to that grudge
And all your hatred for me
I did what I did, a push to nudge
For that strangling hold you had to be set free

Good grace and forgiveness make for better company