Return to the Kingdom of Awesomeville

By Detective R

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called the Kingdom of Awesomeville. It was ruled by a king who was a kind of human that had butterfly wings and could fly. His wings were the wings of a Swallowtail. He was a very brave king who loved all his subjects and his court. His name was King Jonathaniel the Great. He had a queen, too, who was the wisest queen to ever live and also had butterfly wings, only hers were a Monarch. She loved her subjects and court, too. Her name was Queen Opalescencia the Wise. The king and queen lived in a tall castle made of Aether Brick, which is a building material that King Jonathaniel invented that was even stronger than diamond and more blast-resistant than bedrock. The whole castle was made of it and never ever fell, even if it got shot with a bunch of TNT.

The king and queen also had a daughter named Princess Almondzella, who was the most beautiful princess in all the kingdom of Awesomeville, and maybe even the evil kingdom of Wheton-Next-Door-land. Princess Almondzella wasn't allowed to go to Wheton-Next-Door-land because it was full of scary big people, but that was okay because the kingdom of Awesomeville was way better in her opinion. Her wings were the wings of a Leopard Lacewing but they were purple instead of red. That was also okay with Princess Almondzella because purple was her favorite color.

Princess Almondzella liked flying really really fast. She wanted to be the fastest flyer in the Kingdom of Awesomeville. So she practiced all the time and got better and better.

One day while she was out practicing, she got caught by a gust of wind that blew her way far away from the kingdom of Awesomeville.

"Where will I go?" she asked herself. She didn't go to Wheton-Next-Door-land. She went way far past it and landed in the Mogledorian Desert in the spaceship laboratory of Doctor RayGun, who was an alien from outer space!

"I'm going to study your wings!" said Doctor RayGun. "Because we don't have butterflies on my planet and you're conveniently here!"

"Not if I escape!" said Princess Almondzella. She was very tough for a princess, but even she was no match for Doctor RayGun, who put her in an underground giant butterfly cage so she couldn't escape.

"As soon as my equipment is ready, I'll study your wings!" said Doctor RayGun.

"Oh no," said Princess Almondzella. "I wish I could get out of this cage!"

But she couldn't, so she stayed there, waiting for someone to rescue her.