Things are made new again at dawn. I begin falling in love with hope.

I trust you, how long shall this last? The past never dies even after fairydust

has shut our eyes to go to sleep. We are lost sheep wandering about the earth.

You are near and yet so very far away all year round. Your deep soulsearching

eyes sweep me off my feet. I hold you dear to my heart. We love life without a

cost until everything turns into rust. Circumstances cause me to question your

loyalty. My biggest fear is being let down. Impatient, why must I always feel this

way everyday? Time will only tell if I may move forward from this fray. I keep my

distance in attempt to maintain the peace between us. Most of the time, patience

wins the battle. You say you will never disappear. Surprisingly, you bring your own

share to the table. I realize I have been anxious for no apparent good reason.