Longing for something heavenly that will never come true,

blue skies are gone without a trace. Dying slowly, feel lonely

between these four walls of solitude. Living with a hole in the

heart, this might hurt alot during the next forty eight hours.

Quickly, days pass by just like airplanes in the sky. One prayer,

butterfly kiss is not enough to keep the sun out forever. Inevitable

suicidal lovesick melody, mindless out of body experience end with

a neverending swansong. Marry the night, unwanted weight of the

world. Chase after this bright white light, blurry supernatural sight.

Holding on tight but still losing grip, saying goodbye won't come about

so easily or smoothly. Goodnight daylight, old silly romantic comedy.

Free enough to breathe and stand as tall as a tree, may Jesus carry you

home in his arms.