Hi everyone,

So I've gotten a lot of questions over the past couple days about Handmaiden and the transition to Tapas, and some concerns that have been brought up that I feel are worth addressing. I'll do that here. It will be one of the last, so please follow me on Tapas. For those of you who have sent questions via a guest account on Fictionpress, please be reminded that although I'd really like to speak with you further, guest accounts can't be replied to.

This means in order to answer your questions and concerns, I have to post a new update such as this one. I don't want to bombard everyone with updates that are not the story itself, so please, if you have a question or something you'd like me to clarify, log in to your account on Fictionpress when sending me a message. Alternatively you can shoot me a private message or write on my wall on Tapas! Okay! Let's get started.

1. I've searched for you on Tapas and can't find you! Why?

In the search function on Tapas, make sure you're searching under 'people' and not novels/comics. My username on Tapas is G.A. Zimmermann. You can also search for Handmaiden under 'novels'.

2. Will the story be that different? I like the original.

The story won't be that different. Much of what I'm fixing is simply cosmetic. Sometimes the characters would over-explain or over-analyze things they were doing, or things that were happening around them. When I was writing Handmaiden initially, I think this was my way of explaining the world to myself (hah). But now that I'm older and wiser (maybe) I can see much more easily the point I was trying to get at back then, which means I can usually trim and tweak in order to say more with less. I'm just sanding the wood down a bit, not taking a chainsaw to it. Promise!

3. Why is some of the story (parts and phrases) missing on Tapas?

So this was alarming to hear, but after investigating I found the main reason for this is that some readers are likely going to the website on their phone, rather than using the Tapas app. I highly encourage you to use the app. It's a much more comfortable and streamlined reading experience. I know Tapas is looking into fixing the issue, but it appears as if italics aren't working while using the website on your phone, so phrases that are emphasized by italics are completely gone. The desktop version on the computer seems to work fine too.

4.Will The Lotus and The Loon be on Tapas too?

So this is a tricky question for different reasons. I've debated it a lot. The short answer is yes, and soon. But previously TLTL was a paid work, and I'm considering keeping it that way. It's such a bitter pill to swallow for authors, but passion and enjoyment doesn't pay the bills. If I can make just a bit of money from TLTL from the readers that can afford it and want to, I can continue to write all my stories at a much faster and focused rate. Half free content and half paid content might the perfect symbiotic relationship.

If anyone has any other questions, please like I said, send me a message either through here via your own account (not a guest account or I can't answer) or on Tapas as that is where I spend the majority of my time.