Hi everyone!

To anybody who messaged me asking about Handmaiden, I just wanted to leave a quick post here letting you know that new episodes have FINALLY begun to release on Tapas. If you read everything that I had up on Fictionpress, and are interested in reading more of the story on Tapas now, you can safely begin at episode 130. The episodes release every week on Tuesday. You can find it under the title of Handmaiden, same as here.

Thank you very much, and I hope to see you there!

PS. To older readers who may be thinking about taking up the adventure again, Handmaiden has been updated with some new scenes, minor plot point tweaks, and overall just a better reading experience since I (hopefully) am I better writer now. It is a pay-to-read novel now, so I hope that the quality justifies that, hehe.

Much love from Dragon Mom! *Mwah*