This is a W.I.T.C.H. parody, yes it its Fanfiction, there was a graphic novel series and a TV series.

Chapter 1:Raven

"Guys!" Kris called, beckoning for us to join her, "Come see this!" I walked over to Kris, mildly intrigued. Kris didn't call wolf too often. Generally when she said "come see" it meant "holy crap, there's a bomb, or sweet deal on clothes, or hot boy, etc."

Brad, Luke, and Rock (his real name was Andrew, but everyone called him Rock) focused on something behind us. But Clay was over with me examining the rocks. Elle was sitting in the corner listening to music, and Beth was over by her. Beth and Elle got up with Clay and I; together we walked over to Kris.

There was a cedar chest hidden behind some rocks. How Kris found it, I don't know. It was pretty secluded. But that's just what Kris did, she was nosy. "Open it," Elle said

"I can't get it out," Kris explained

"Clay, you're a guy. You lift it," I nudged him

"I, uh, I'm not that strong… Rock!" Clay called. Rock walked over to us. His large muscles were pretty intimidating. If anyone could take out the chest, Rock could. Now Rock wasn't much of a talker, he mainly nodded and grunted and stuff. So it was a little difficult carrying on a conversation with the guy. Even in the dim-cave light, you could see him lifting his eyebrow in question.

"Could you get the chest out?" Clay asked pointing to the cluster of rocks, covering the chest. Rock nodded, and he yanked the chest out of the pile quickly, displaying little effort. The lock on the chest was old and not hard to yank open. Kris lifted the lid of the chest. The chest held a large amount of saw dust. Sticking up from the dust were 4 gems, they looked like colored diamonds. They were shaped like rhombus's colored pink, red, blue, and green.

"Oh, Raven!" cried Beth excitedly, "the green matches your eyes!" she picked it up; the gem was attached to a silver cord. Necklaces, they were necklaces. Gross. The only necklace I ever wore was my wooden turtle on the strip of leather.

"Get that thing away from me," my lip began to curl as she brought it closer to me.

"Aw, com' on Rave, just try it on," Clay teased; he knew I hated when he called me Rave; I am NOT a movie theater. I guess that was better than when he called me Princess.

"No way!" I stepped back, "It's all girly and stuff!" That didn't stop them, When Beth came closer, I stepped back, right into Clay's grasp. He held me still. Bull crap! He's plenty strong! I try to wiggle out but it's useless. Beth gets the necklace over my head. I begin to feel dizzy. My legs don't feel as strong, and my head grows fuzzy. I play it like I'm alright, but I certainly don't feel it. Clay laughs and lets go, I glare at Beth and him. That makes everybody laugh harder. Even Rock is snickering. The fogginess in my head grows as my eyes roll back in my head. And it's all black.