Chapter 6: Clay

Ok, enough with the blinding flashes!

Just like Mage said, the girls did change back. It was like nothing ever happened. Raven was in her Titan's jersey. Beth looked all girly; Elle was once again listening to Evanescence with her pale make up and dark eyes, and Kris with her… "fashion sense."

We all stand around kind of looking at each other for a while, Elle is the first to speak up, "Hate to bail on y'all but I uh… have homework… Elle is out, Peace!" which we all know is Elle-Speak for 'too much sunlight, gonna go lock the doors, shut the blinds, and sit on the floor in darkness.'

We were headed on our way home, walking down Pine Cove Street. Small businesses lined both sides of the street. A bowling alley over there, the ice cream parlor two stores down. The dim street light flickered with night approaching. In the distance, mountains lined the golden sunset. A gentle breeze occasionally blew through, generally a nice mid-March evening.

"So what were you guys doing earlier?" Raven asked

"What do you mean?" I felt my brow crease in confusion

"I mean, before you looked at the rocks with me. Luke, Brad, Rock, and you of course. What were y'all doing?"

"Oh that," I laughed scratching the back of my head

"Yeah tha-" all of the sudden, Raven began to stumble and fell into my side.

"Careful, Princess," I teased, thinking she just stumbled. I lightly push her back to her feet. She fell to the ground.

"Rave?" I asked, "Damn it, Raven! Not again,"

"I-i-I think I'm fine," she muttered. I grabbed her under her shoulders and lifted her up. I took a quick glance around. Thank God no one was around. I helped her to her feet.

"What's wrong?" I asked, not letting go in case she fell again.

"Pterodactyls, Pterodactyls happened," she half laughed half wheezed.

"No more dinosaurs for you then, can't have you falling all over the place, now can we?" I ruffled her hair gently.

"Fine, fine," she gave a sleepy blink.

"Can you walk?" I asked, turning my tone to a more serious note.

"Of course I can! I'm not some weak girl!" she ripped away from my grasp, holding her ground for a moment. But the moment she tried for a step, her legs failed her. I choked back a laugh and picked her back up.

"I think you're a girl," I laughed, I picked her up. One hand beneath her knees, the other on her back. Lazily, she wrapped her arms around my neck. She rested her head on my chest, then her whole body shuddered.

"Cold?" I asked

She nodded, yawning, "Sleepy too," giving me that lazy smile.

"Come on Princess, let's go home," I smiled, she couldn't see it though, her breaths had already deepened, and the grip on my neck not as firm.

"Princess, you're home," I gently shook her.

She let out something between a groan and disagreement.

"Wanna try walking?"

"Mmhmm," she nodded, trying to shake off sleep. Carefully, I lowered her to the ground; I removed the hand beneath her legs and helped her to her feet. She took one step, and her whole body was uncontrollably launched forward. Nope, walking was not going to work.

"Ok, come on. Pretend your ankle is hurt. I'm carrying you in," I picked her back up. As though in compliance (which is rather strange for an extremely noncompliant person), she rang the doorbell.

"Clay?" Mrs. Randall answers the door, "What's wrong with Raven?"

"Aw, nothin' much Mrs. R. Raven being you know clumsy and all, she twisted her ankle while we were hiking. I'll just take her upstairs," I nod toward the stairs.

Mrs. Randall presses her lips together then nods, "Well if you're sure she's alright…"

"Positive," I smile reassuringly

"You're such a sweet boy," she tugs gently at my cheek, then walked off.

I trudged up the stairs while getting daggers from Raven, probably something to do with calling her clumsy. I reached her room and it looks the way it always does, messy. Stacks of clean t-shirts and jeans lay on her blue fuzzy butterfly chair. Converse, boots, her running Nike's and other shoes are strewn around aimlessly. I make my way over to her unmade bed.

"Clean your room once in a while, why don't you," I teased, ruffling her hair after setting her down, "Night, Princess." I turned away, but she grabbed my hand, and pulled me down to her bed side. I turned to her, raising an eyebrow.

"Thank you," she smiled


"I said thank you," she repeated

"For what?"

"Putting up with me, stupid," even in the darkly lit room, her face glowed, "I know I can be a chore sometimes,"

"You're my favorite chore!" I bursted out, "I mean, God, that came out wrong! W-what I mean is, you're my friend. Therefore if in fact you were a chore, which aren't. You would top, you know, dishes or scooping dog poop or whatever," I felt my skin grow hot.

"Well it's good to know I rank over dog poop," she laughed

"My point is you are fun to be around, you're my friend so, you know, carrying around sometimes isn't such a big deal. Besides, you're a lightweight," I shrugged, getting up to leave.

But she pulled me back down and kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks," she murmured in my ear, before pushing me away. I kind of stumbled out of her room and closed the door. I paused for a moment, leaning back against the door. Then continued on my way home.

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