A/N This is the story of the Captive School for Girls. A school that teaches how to be a spy, and an assassin. And most of all, how to sleep at night.

"Target in sights, permission to shoot." I say into my comms unit, looking through the scope of my riffle.

"Permission granted Ghost." My commander's voice floods my ear and I inhale, and exhale as I pull the trigger. Through the scope I see the woman fall to the ground, a red bloody mass in the back of her head. Quickly I disassemble my gun and stash it in my black bag. Rain starts to fall and I hiss some very rude words in Russian as I climb down the fire escape and disappear into the woods whispering,

"Target dead. Mission accomplished."

After being debriefed and dismissed I walk back to my shared room, where Alice and Ruby are waiting for me, each holding a cup of black coffee. Without a word I gather my shower supplies and lock myself in the bathroom, while the shower warms up I grip the sink and look into the mirror. A single tear falling down my cheek,

"Sorry mom." I whisper, barely audible, strip and climb into the steaming hot shower. The water burning my skin, but I just turn up the temperature, as I wash my body.

Turning off the water, I stand still, taking in the steam as a flashback takes over me.

"I love you Katrina," my mother says hugging me tightly, "I'll see you when you come home on break." Her voice shakes and a tear rolls down her cheek, I wipe it away with my thumb.

"No crying. I love you too mom. But you have to go, stay safe." I say kissing her forehead. Taking in the face of the only woman who loved me. She turns the ignition, and the car rumbles to life.

"Goodbye, my darling." and she drives away, as the black sedan disappears through the iron gates. I push open the heavy doors, my face emotionless and cold, when Mr. Stole stops me and pulls me into his office.

"Ghost. You're in seventh grade now. You know what must happen." his icy cold voice says, hollow, unfeeling.

"Please sir, she doesn't deserve to die. Please! Tell her I'm dead, that she can never see me again! Anything!" I beg on my hands and knees, tears pooling from my eyes. Mr. Stole's focus shifts,

"Permission granted." and my heart sinks, tears over come me as I ball my eyes out, wheezing from lack of breath. My heart aching. Mr. Stole's foot connects with my body, sending me against the wall.

"No weaknesses allowed. Captive Girls don't cry. You should be ashamed of yourself."

My flashback ends and I quickly put on flannel pajamas and exit the bathroom, where my roommates are cleaning their guns, while sipping coffee. Alice looks up at me, her grey eyes warm my soul.


"Accomplished." I finnish her sentence and sit down on my bed, as Alice hands me a cup of coffee, and climbs next to me on my bed, abandoning her gun. Her slender arms wrap around me like a cage and I rest my head on her shoulder. Her lips gently touch the top of my head, and I relax into her. I guess now would be a good time to explain everything. My name is Katrina Michaels, code name Ghost. I go to the Captive School for Girls, where they train us as spies and assassins, and to have no weakness, and to feel nothing. I'm a Sophomore in high school, and Alice is my girlfriend. I'm keeping this journal to make sure that I don't become a heartless zombie, like our teachers.

"It's okay babe," she whispers in my ear. She goes back to her own bed and I drink my coffee, the room silent. Ruby clears her throat,

"What do you think the surprise is?" her southern accent is light and excited.

"Maybe we're getting new weapons," I guess the same time as Alice says,

"Maybe we're going into town." dreamily. Ruby perks up at Alice's guess,

"We've never been to town before," A smile brightens her coco skin, "Maybe I'll meet my prince charming" she drifts off happily asleep. Alice chuckles as she tucks Ruby into her bed. Then comes back and sits on my lap, my arms snake around her waist, pulling her into my chest. Taking in her smell of vanilla and gunpowder, my lips move across her neck and Alice shivers.

"Kitty Kat," she moans and she snuggles into me.

"Alice" I whisper against her neck and she turns so that she's facing me. Her grey, almond shaped, eyes stare into my emerald green ones, I bring my lips down on hers, kissing her gently but with passion. Her arms wrap around my neck, and she pulls herself up so that she is straddling me. She breaks away,

"Kitty, you are way to good of a kisser for your own good." she whispers and I smirk,

"And you are too cute for me to hold myself back," I say back caressing her face with my finger. There's a knock at our door, and in a flash Alice is back on her bed, cleaning her gun as the Commander walks through the door. He glances at us suspiciously,

"Joker, Ghost," is voice is firm and lifeless, "lights out."

"Yes sir," we say in unison and he marches back out the door, shutting it behind him.

A bit later, after the sleep check, Alice climbs into my bed, into my waiting arms. She snuggles in close to my chest, my arms wrap around her waist bringing her as close as possible. And we fall asleep.