Pendulum Soul

The epicentre of this verse
Lies within your heavy heart,
In the weighting down of your pendulum soul,
In the look of your eyes as we part.

The mysteries of your movements
Are dictated by gravity's unfathomable rules;
Your arc is carefully carved in the air you breathe,
And in the demons you suffer for fools.

Back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm,
You glide your way through life;
Sinking and rising impetuously,
Time's incorrigible wife.

With a smile you swing towards me,
Rising to meet me as if by instinct,
When with a sigh you swing away from me,
Falling away, so swift, so succinct.

Silently you quiver on the verge
Of the negative, opposite high,
At the polar end of your inverted arc,
Before returning with another sigh.

And so it repeats, on a timeless loop,
A back and forth of smiles and sighs;
You swing between two places,
Between spring and winter skies.

But I know that deep down in your pendulum soul,
You desire release from this tedious routine;
You've been swinging back and forth for so long,
You've forgotten what it should mean.

And I know that deep down in your pendulum soul,
You yearn to escape this hypnotic dream -
This not so wonderful wonderland,
In which you're trapped, or so it would seem.

You long for something to disrupt the balance
Of the arc you've swung into your soul;
You need someone to catch the rhythm,
Hold you, pause you, make you feel whole.

You must be tired of rising and falling
In this endless loop, this magnetic curve,
Of polar opposite feelings,
For the sake of purposes you no longer serve.

So swing towards me and I promise
To catch you and hold you there,
Firm in my grip and closer in my heart,
For souls like yours are so very rare.