A/N: Hi people! This is just to let you know that this is a slam poem so it is meant to be read out loud, but doesn't have to. Just keep that in mind as you read it and please review!

So What?

I dream of spectacularly spacious space fill with the stars.

I dream of fighting ferocious fires.

I dream of proudly protecting people with the police.

But so what?

I'm just a kid.

I walk the busy school halls,

Where children abandon all laws.

Where they walk, talk, and do as they please.

Where I'm shoved, mocked, and teased.

But so what?

I'm just a kid.

I'm casually crammed and crushed into my cell of a life.

You tell me to dream big, then stomp on those dreams.

You tell me I can fly and then laugh when I try.

Admit it; you don't want me to be great, just good.

But so what?

I'm just a kid.

I'm not just a kid.

I'm the next generation of this nation.

I'm not Lebron James or Tom Brady.

I'm not James Patterson or Tom Clancy.

I'm something much greater.

I'm me.

I won't settle on just being good.

I want to be great.

I don't want to be a lovingly lost lamb.

This life isn't some scandalous scam.

I won't stop pushing.

I won't stop trying.

My retribution shall deliver a revolution that leads to revelation.

I won't stay in the sick slimy slums of life.

No matter the pain, no matter the strife.

I will always push and I will always strive.

But so what?

I'm just a kid.

A/N: We are learning about slam poems in my creative writing class which means we are going to have to write one so I thought I would get some practice. I have never written like this so any criticism would be much appreciated.