The School bell rings as everyone goes to the dining hall for lunch when a group of friends walk together in the hall and take their seats and get their lunch.

Lauren: We'll chat to each other on facebook when we get home.

Stuart: Sorry I have plans i uh have my sister with her homework.

Caleb: I agreed to...uh help Babysit a bunch of kids.

Lauren: You hate kids.

Caleb: Money was involved.

Iris: Yeah i can't either my mum's birthday is today so i wanna spend time with her.

Bradley: Yeah i have to go to a meeting sorry

Lauren: I can't believe this all of you have plans.

Everyone: Yep.

Lauren: Ugh whatever.

Stuart: Well since we are all here we'd rather as well discuss tonight's homework.

Lauren: Wait wait hold on one second you have time to do your homework but you don't have time to hang with me is it because i spillt drink all over your homework last time

Bradley: Hang on if you think we're avoiding you you are wrong we just need some...quiet time to think straight.

Lauren:... Yeah maybe your right well what is this homework about.

Iris: It's about supernatual creatures.

Lauren: Oh...ok

Stuart: We have to each do a report on one of these creatures Reaper,Vampire,Demon,Phoenix,Werewolf.

The gang look a bit unnerved after the statement.

Stuart: Well i'm off i'll see you guys tomorrow.

Iris: we're done so we'll all go home together.

They all leave the dining hall to go home while talking.

Stuart: Well that's a wierd assignment.

Bradley: Yeah well i'll see you guys tomorrow.

Lauren: See ya Bradley.

Caleb: Bye Brads.

The rest: See ya

Bradley goes to his house and enters as the rest enter their homes.

Time: 11:57

Inside Stuart's basement there are a bunch of chains as Stuart is chaining himself to them his eyes start fading to a red colour.

Stuart: Hurry up clock get this over with.

His bones start cracking in a painful way.

Stuart: (Screams loudly)

Iris just happens to be walking by when she started hearing screaming.

Iris: Stuart!

Iris starts knocking on his door.

Stuart: Uh no not now please! not now.

Iris starts to realise that the door is unlocked and opens it and hears more screaming that leads to the basement and sees a partially transformed stuart chained.

Stuart: Iris get out of here i will hurt you.

Iris: No you won't.

Iris's eyes fade to fire as in her pupils and iris's disappear to flame.

Stuart: Iris?!

Iris's hands turn to blue flames as she approaches him.

Stuart: Iris no.

Iris touches him and he recoils and pants as he looks at her as his normal self.

Stuart: How did you do that?

Iris: ... I'm a phoenix.

Stuart: What when were you planning on telling me this?!

Iris: When were you planning on telling me you were a werewolf?!

Stuart: How did you...

Iris: I know a werewolf when i see one.

Stuart: When i said i had plans i lied to keep you all safe. What about you? did you lie as well.

Iris: To tell you the truth i did not it was my mum's birthday.

Stuart: Oh but i noticed something when we all said we had plans all our heartbeats went faster but not your's because you did have plans or Lauren's but i sensed a higher heartbeat on Lauren when i mentoned Vampire.

Iris: Yeah your body functions 10Xs better than a normal human.

Stuart: Yeah but don't you get it everyone but you and Lauren made up other plans so what are they hiding.

Iris: Yeah your right lets go find them.

Stuart: To tell you the truth Iris since almost tranforming into a werewolf i feel sleepy... can we skip this for tomorrow.

Iris: Yeah your right i'll see you tomorrow... wait where are your parents.

Stuart: They are away on a buisness trip Don't worry when they go back i hide the chains under my wardrobe and go to the woods to change.

Iris: Oh right...see ya tomorrow... do you need help unchaining yourself.

Stuart: I hid in my pocket i'll handle it go on.

Iris: Bye

Stuart: See ya.

This chapter ends with Stuart looking up at the cloudy moon.

Next time

Lauren: How did you find out!

Stuart: Don't worry we have something to tell you too.

Bradley: This is our pact we don't tell anyone unless they find out or if it's nescessary.

Stuart: Who is this.

It shows a long haired guy.

Lauren: My boyfriend... Tony

Bradley: You never told us you had a boyfriend.

Lauren: I thought he was dead a long time ago.

Stuart: So i guess he's a new member of the gang.

Iris: It turns out he has an old dept to pay and who elso would help pay it off.

Tony: If you don't help me they will find one of us.

Lauren: What happens then.

Tony: Someone you know will die.

Stuart's house is shown on fire.

Caleb: Call 911 Now!

Stuart: *Roars*