The chapter starts with the gang making it back where the crowd are still in the graveyard with scared look on their faces.

Stuart: Hello? Whats going on?

Ethan: Stuart...the war is beginning.

Stuart: How do you know?!

Ethan: Sightings of changelings all over the world.

Brooke: Oh my god what are we gonna do?

Ethan: Get everyone ready for war.

The supernaturals are all gathered around talking over each other.

Brooke: Stuart maybe you should take this one.

Stuart: ...Right... OK supernaturals we are here to get you and my friends will guide you to victory!...You know...5 months ago i thought i was the only one...that i had to live with this curse all on my on...But then i met these wonderful people!

Stuart is pointing at his friends.

Stuart: I learned something that no matter how hard you life goes...No matter what happens wih your life...They have your back.

Ethan: Um...Stuart we're gonna have to cut this speech short look!

Stuart and the gang look to see a swarm of changelings taking charge in the town.

Tony: Yep we should shift now!

Stuart: OK everyone this is a matter of life and death Are you ready!

Everyone: Yeah!

Everyone shifts to creatures of different kinds.

The changelings land and begin to battle.

Stuart: Attack!

A bunch of changelings are dead along with many supernaturals.

Stuart: Ethan!

Ethan has a big stab wound on his stomach.

Ethan: No...Stuart get back out there...

Stuart: No i'm not leaving you!

Ethan: Stuart please...Give them hell!

Ethan coughs and then passes away.

Stuart: No!...

Brooke: Stuart?

Stuart: You guys are staying wih me!

Then a second version of his friends appear.

Iris: What's going on?!

The second version of his friends morph to changelings and stab them and run off.

Stuart: Guys?! Guys?!...

Tony: (Coughs)

Stuart: Tony...quick heal yourself...

Tony: I can't if i'm hurt too much...(Coughs)

Tony pines and dies.

Stuart: (Cries)

then a group of changelings show up.

Changeling: Stuart you will come with us.

Stuart: Why would i come with you?

Changeling: Our master has something you would like.

Stuart: Fine...Take me to this master of yours.

The changelings take hold of him and teleports to the hive.

Changeling king: The prophecy has come to light.

Stuart: Yeah you're changelings killed all my friends and this is the only way to undo it all...if i kill you.

Changeling king: What do you mean?

Stuart: I'll tell you what i mean i know about this prophecy the immortals if two immorals have a battle so big it could redo all of reality to this spot.

Changeling king: If you kill me you will die too!

Stuart: I'll do anything to see my friends again!

Stuart shifts to a full werewolf and attacks the changeling king which creates a huge blast which destroys all the changelings.

Brooke: (Deep breath) What just happened?!

Tony: The changelings they're gone.

Ethan: I remember dying?

Guy: What am i doing here?

Girl: What's going on?

There is a locket shown.

Caleb: Wait what's that?

Bradley: A locket.

Lauren: Wait there's a signiture on it.

Iris: What does it say?

Brooke: SC

Jordan: Stuart Craig!

Iris: Wait it can be opened?

Brooke opens the locket and a large black smoke whirls like a tornado. with a familar face coming out of it.

Brooke: Stuart?!

Stuart: Ha my plan worked i knew you could figure it out...

Iris: What just happened?!

Stuart: The locket put me inside it as a ghost and when you opened it it released me...I'm back the war is over...all these people forgot what happened and plus they aren'tmonters anymore!

Lauren: What do we do now?

Stuart: Well hopefully there won't be any action tomorrow so...Lets go out for pizza.

They all are at the pizza shop at a table eating pizza and garlic bread.

Jordan: So what happened to the changelings?

Stuart: They disappeared out of the fabric of time.

Bradley: Are we still Creatures?

Stuart: Yeah we were originally creatures so that wouldn't change anything.

Caleb: What about the others?

Stuart: To tell you the truth can we just not talk about what happened because i died twice.

Brooke: He's right we should take a break from all this.

The chapter ends with the gang talking and laughing while eating their pizza.

Next time.

Stuart: There's a party in the neighbourhood...I was thinking we should go for a break.

Brooke: One by one party guests are disappearing!

A crouching figure is shown.

Stuart: They haven't disappeared!

Girl: Help me! Please help me!

Brooke: I've seen this type of thing happen before. This is the works of a goblin...The victims are invisible!

Stuart: The goblin is feeding on the victims fear of being alone.

Tony: We need to find it quickly before anyone else goes missing.

Bradley: Please help me!

Caleb: Bradley's invisible!

Stuart: We could help you.

Goblin: If i don't feed i will starve!